#ChinoyProfiles: Earl Benjamin Yap on Archery and Rising above Self-doubt

By Queencee Colleen Quitalig 03 May, 2017


It's a known fact that Chinoys have this distinct penchant for success. What we usually hear, however, are Chinoys who make a name in the field of business, although some are already paving the way in the entertainment industry. But can Chinoys also make it to the hall of fame in the world of sports? Surely. Earl Benjamin Yap, Archery gold-medalist, can prove just that. 

In a conversation, Chinoy TV delved into his secrets that turned him into an Asian Archery Champion.

When asked about how his dreams to be an icon in Philippine Archery started, Earl said that, as a kid, he actually despised going to the games and competitions which his dad nagged him to watch. But as time went by, with constant exposure to the sport, Earl's interest increased. Eventually, he aspired to become a part of the national team.

When I was around 8 years old, that was the time na in-enroll ako ng dad ko into formal archery lessons. And diyan nag-start ‘yung interest. Kasi, when I was younger, I also had this dream of being in the national team. Eventually, I could see na parang may potential pala. Eventually, I was able to qualify for the national competition.

In spite of the professional training and the support from his dad and family, Earl admitted that it hasn't always been an easy venture.

Sa Chinese, we are known to be very hardworking. Kahit gaano kahirap. For example, when something is passed on from your father to you, usually parang gusto ng dad mo, mag-start ka muna sa baba, eh. Before you work your way up into the business or anything. So, I think, it was also like that.

But because he made sure that his heart is poured into every competition and every shot arrow, he became known in the field. He brought glory to the country when he bagged the gold from the Asian Archery Championship in 2007 and Southeast Asian Archery Federation in 2006 and 2008. Looking back at it, he's grateful that he was able to overcome his self-doubt at the time. 

Very rewarding naman. Ako kasi, may ugali ako na tingin ko palagi, hindi ko kaya, eh. So, I always think na I’m doing bad at something pero, ‘yun pala, I’m doing good. So, in the beginning, I was always doubting myself, like I couldn’t do it. So, as I joined more competitions, I realized na I’m not doing bad pala.

Once that you realize that you’re doing pretty good, you start to practice harder. 

Apart from the insecurities that he initially had, Earl also shared that he had trouble looking for inspiration and mentors.

The hardest part kasi, during the time that I started was wala masyadong successful archers who were willing to share. A lot of them were archers that were competing and ayaw mag-share kasi walang oras or siguro takot sila na, if they share their secret or their skill, baka may tumalo sakanila.

Obviously, he didn't let these hurdles get in the way. He had a vision and he was willing to give whatever it would take for him to make it happen.

Saakin kasi, parang when I get into something, hindi ko siya inaatrasan, eh. The secret was talagang all-out effort and all-out sacrifice.

In terms of having a good aim sa archery, you need to be very patient. People think kasi na in born ang pagiging steady, eh. But, actually, it’s a lot of hardwork, also. You have to exercise, you have to be able to stress your body.  

Truly, archery is not just about having a straight eye on the target. Earl Yap's journey just shows that it's so much more than that. Lastly, we asked Earl why more people should get into the sport.

Try it out. Archery is a fun sport naman. Misconception kasi, iniisip nila, sobrang mahal. But it’s not. Hindi naman ganun ka-mahal. Kung nakakabili ka ng iPhone or whatever, kaya mo ‘yung archery. Konting sacrifice lang. so, try it out, get proper coaching, and just have fun.


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