#ChinoyProfiles: Annabel Jayne Tanco on Whipping Up Her Dream Career

By Queencee Colleen Quitalig 27 May, 2017


All the success stories we often hear about are anchored on this: doing something that you love. But if one wants to truly get ahead, doing what one loves must be coupled with the right skills and a solid support system, as well. Annabel Tanco, owner and founder of Bizu Patisserie and Happy Garden Cafe, could attest to this as she now celebrates the empire she got to create, after trading her sweater export business with a venture she could honestly put her heart into―baking.

Chinoy TV sat with Annabel to learn more about this story.

Annabel discovered her love for cooking and baking early. It was nurtured during her childhood summers that were spent having cooking/baking classes with her aunt and her cousins.

My mom, every summertime, she would make sure we did something. So we had cooking lessons. Ever since I was in Grade 3, we would always go to a friend of my mom. She had a little school in her house, and we would all be there with our cousins. And we would be cooking! So, whenever we come home, my dad would be so happy. We’ll have chocolate cakes, we knew how to cook Spaghetti, we knew how to cook Chicken Pastel, even at that very young age.

For a time, though, this love for cooking had to be back-burnered in the name of practicality. In college, Annabel took Communication Arts and Accounting at the De La Salle University. She, then, earned her Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management. With these under her belt, she got into the export business where she stayed for a while. This was life for her until her first love came knocking on the door once more.

I was into exports. I was exporting sweaters. But eventually, I decided to close my sweater export business and I just wanted to stay home because, all this time, I missed the kids. I was always an entrepreneur. So, when the year 2000 came, I decided to go to a culinary school—just to see what I knew, just to see whether my baking was correct, or the way I sautéed things was correct. And I loved it!


As soon as she got her hands onto cooking and baking again, she immediately knew that there was no more going back. Soon enough, Annabel established Bizu Patisserie. It started out as a kiosk in a mall selling her home-baked goods; now, there's no stopping its growth. As she recalls,

So I had a little kiosk and I was doing so well! When I opened it, people responded to my product positively, they loved it. My sales was big! I didn’t even know it was gonna be that big! So, from there, my husband encouraged me to put up more shops. Therefore, right now, I think, we have about 10 shops.

In spite of the fun in what she does and the fulfillment that it brings, Annabel still admits that she also finds it hard to keep up with the demands of her job. When asked how she keeps everything in stride, however, she glady shared:

It’s always a juggling act. It's like having three balls and you try to catch all of them. But, sometimes, some balls fall. When that happens, you just got to pick it up and juggle it again, you know. It’s not a perfect thing. But I’ve learned how to prioritize my day. I learned how to schedule the hours.

Although the sudden growth of her food business was something that she didn't expect, Annabel was sure that the training that she had plus her family's natural penchant for business, were also in the works behind this success. As she says,

I think I’m very blessed that I was born into a family that is very entrepreneurial.

And, obviously, she also has her own special ingredient on top of it all:

If you have good intentions and you have the passion―you want to be, let’s say, a fashion designer and you want people to buy your clothes―just do it and show your talent. And you’ll see—people will come.

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