8 Things You Need to Know About Janeena Chan

By Michelle Tan 19 November, 2017

Most of you know Janeena Chan as a model and TV host, but there is definitely more to know about this bright, young woman than what we think we already know. Here are eight things you need to know about Janeena:


1. She is beauty AND brains

Janeena studied in Saint Jude Catholic School and Reedley International School back in high school. After which, she took up AB Communication in Ateneo de Manila University, where she constantly made it to the dean’s list. Not only that, her group thesis was also nominated for best Thesis!   

2. She is a great singer

If not hosting or being part of the media and multi-media industry, Janeena would probably be working in PR and events, photography, or music and arts. Growing up, she has always been passionate about singing and performing. In fact, she was part of different professional stage musicals in high school, and was also part of Ateneo Musician’s Pool as a vocalist. Her hobbies also include writing songs, painting and photography. You should check her Instagram account @janeenachan to see her colorful and awe-inspiring photos!

 3. She has a strong love for Chili-Mansi pansit and staycations among other things

We all have our cheat day meal, and that doesn’t exclude Janeena.  She has a guilty pleasure for Chili-Mansi pancit canton. Despite her busy schedule, Janeena also finds time to relax, unwind, and spend a good full day at home doing absolute nothing! She is a fan of staycations, as well as fine dining and decadent massages. Visit her blogs/vlogs to learn more about Janeena’s ways to relax and enjoy her free time.

4. She is a Movie Junkie and a Kdrama lover

Janeena particularly enjoys science fiction and comedy films. She is a complete movie junkie and she enjoys cinema and films in general that she even took three film classes back in Ateneo – Elements of Screen Arts, European Cinema, and Asian Cinema. Movies are not the only thing that Janeena binge on, she also loves to watch Kdramas and romance flicks with her mom. Not only does she like to learn more about the world through art and film, but she also wouldn’t mind being a part of MTCRB.  

5. She loves to make people laugh

One thing people should really know about Janeena is that she truly loves to make people laugh and have a good time. It is one of the main factors that led her into becoming a host. She loves bringing people together, and being the on top of the vibe and tone of every launch, celebration special occasion or feature she gets to host. She is very good at making friends as well. Leave her in a room with someone she doesn’t know for an hour, and she’ll definitely make a friend out her that person.

6. She used to be a competitive gymnast and a Wildcats cheerleader

Janeena was a competitive gymnast and she even took up both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. This helped her when she auditioned to be a part of High School Musical on stage, where she was casted as one of the Wildcats cheerleaders. She was also a co-captain of their Freshmen Cheerleading Squad back in high school. She is indeed full of surprises!

7. Her favorite book of all time is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life

Out of all the books that Janeena has read, Purpose Driven Life was the most memorable one, as she went through one of the most trying times faced with a challenging illness mid-2016. It really helped her surrender herself to God. You can read more about it from her blog.

8. She is the newest host of Chinoy TV

Gretchen Ho has officially passed the baton to Janeena as the newest Chinoy TV host for season 26! This multi-talented woman has indeed proven herself to be strong, determined and passionate. And now, she is out to do more. She is out to inspire more people as she become the new face of Chinoy TV.


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