Q&A with Miss Chinese International Philippines - Joy Wu

By Michelle Tan 28 January, 2018

From a simple Dabawenya to a beauty queen, Joy Wu has proven that she is not just beauty but also brains as she garnered the Darling of the Press award and won the Mr. & Ms. Chinatown competition last September 2017. Aside from winning the title, she also bagged a lot of mini awards such as Miss Philippine Airlines, Best in Swimwear, Miss Congeniality, Miss Solaire, and Miss Revlon Professional Brands PH.


Despite her achievements so far, Joy is nowhere near done. She is set to compete in Hong Kong for the Miss Chinese International this February 3, 2018. Winners of Ms. Chinatown Philippines are often sent to compete for this international competition upon winning the crown locally. Find out straight from her how it is like to be Ms. Chinatown 2017, and how is she preparing for the international pageant this February.

How is it like being Ms. Chinatown 2017?

Being Ms. Chinatown 2017 definitely changed and opened a new chapter in my life. But this won’t be my last destination, rather it is the start for me to think more than usual and see things in a broader perspective. Nothing is impossible and now I can truly say that the most rewarding thing you do in life are the ones that other people and you yourself think you cannot do.

What is your advice to those who wants to join the pageant?

 I would like to say that it is not really a race because everyone is unique. They should view this as a good opportunity to move out of their comfort zone and explore unknown things while meeting new friends at the same time.

What are your plans as you represent the Philippines for Miss Chinese International? How are you preparing for it?

I’m really glad to have this chance to represent the Philippines in Miss Chinese international pageant. This pageant is not only to represent myself, but also to replace all Chinoys here in the Philippines. I want to show the world the different beauty of our generations that we call the New Dynasty. I prepared myself with a positive attitude and an open minded to meet all the candidates from different places of the world.

How do you want to inspire people?

I want to inspire other people by using myself as an instrument to tell them that even a little love from each and everyone of us will make the world more harmonious and beautiful. Therefore, take your responsibility as a part of this society, because we all matter. My advice to the younger generation such as myself is that stay positive and believe in yourself. We are the building blocks of this world for we have the power and ability to change and create a better future.


Joy will be competing against 15 other beautiful candidates from Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Montreal, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, among others. Support her journey as a candidate for Miss Chinese International 2018! #WuCanDoIt

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