MMCP 2018: New Pageant Director

By Michelle Tan 10 April, 2018

Once again, Mr. and Ms. Chinatown (MMCP) has opened its doors in search for the newest Chinoy ambassadors. Year after year, we have seen the pageant produce quality winners, which has gone above and beyond in their careers. This year, the pageant is once again ready to create some noise, to inspire young Chinoys, and to move as one community despite its diverCHity.

In line with the bigger and bolder MMCP, Chinoy TV together with the foundation, would like to introduce its new Pageant Director – Mikko Araneta. Mikko graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University and later completed his post graduate studies at the University of Manchester. While his background has been retail marketing, Mikko is currently entering a new chapter in his life as an entrepreneur and as the new Pageant Director of MMCP . Find out more about this year’s MMCP 2018 from the Pageant Director himself.

Understand that you have a strong passion for pageants, can you share more about that? What made you interested in the world of pageantry? 

My passion has started in 1994 when the Miss Universe was held in the Philippines. As a kid, I enjoyed reading almanacs and studying geography, so when I saw the connection between both, my interest was glued to it. My passion was turned into a reality when I worked for the local team of the 65th Miss Universe. It was a dream come true to be part of this team.

After being part of the local team for the 65th Miss Universe, you are now the new pageant head of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2018. Can you share what you intend to offer as the new pageant head?

As the new pageant head, I think I’m bringing in things that I have learned in fashion retail and at the same time, as a fan of pageants. Pageants nowadays have become revolutionary and that is what I wanted to introduce in MMCP.I think MMCP speaks volumes about diverchity and embracing it. I think that I am learning a lot about the Chinoy culture and how deeply rooted it is in the Filipino lifestyle. 

How do you think is MMCP different from other pageants in the Philippines?

I think there are two selling points for MMCP. One, I can claim that we are the most prestigious male and female pageant – being able to combine both male and female contestants in one stage, sets it apart from other pageants. Secondly, it is authentic to its DNA. We are a pageant that promotes the Chinoy culture. By this, we are not just promoting an advocacy, but engaging the whole community. 

 What excites you the most about MMCP 2018? What can this year's candidate expect when they join the pageant?

I think this year’s pageant is very exciting, because we are giving a different treatment to what you usually see in a pageant. We combine both tradition and modern approaches to pageantry. Aspirants can expect to be trained with partners who are experts in their fields. MMCP will be partnering with industry leaders and being part of this year, will open doors for them. 

Can you provide a short spiel on why they should join this year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown?

Of course! I would like to invite everyone to join this year’s pageant and experience three things after the entire event: (1) renewed appreciation of your Chinoy heritage, (2) holistically developed self or your version 2.0, and (3) widened and new possibilities for your future career.


Last year, Mr. and Ms. Chinatown went beyond the boundaries of Metro Manila and opened its doors to different parts of the Philippines, specifically: Cebu, and Davao. The pageant introduced the #NewDynasty of Chinoys who are not afraid to move out of their comfort zone. This year, Mr. and Ms. Chinatown once again would like to look for its new batch of ambassadors who are diverse and are prepared to share their individual unique stories.  In line with the year-round #diverCHIty theme. This year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown would like to introduce #BeautyinDiverCHIty. The pageant would like to challenge all its viewers to see the “extra” in the ordinary lives of these Chinoys. Seeing a story that is not only inspiring but is deeply anchored to its Filipino and Chinese roots.

More than a celebration of beauty, MMCP wants to showcase Chinoy talents and to show the world that we're capable of mounting an event as big as this – uniting Chinoy individuals to celebrate #diverCHIty as one community.

Truly, the pageant is going for a bigger and bolder version this year, making it more modern and unique. More importantly, this year’s Grand Coronation Night will be held in the SM MOA Arena on September 2, 2018, which will be broadcasted nationwide on ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best the week after.

What are you waiting for? Apply now! You have until May 15 to decide if you want to take your chance and be part of the new batch of Chinoy Ambassadors! 

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