The 5 Important Lessons You Should Learn from Dr. Steve Mark Gan

By Aileen Bautista 17 May, 2018

As young as 10 years old, Dr. Steve Mark Gan, founder and president of the Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) was already selling lemonade juice, comic books, jeans, pencils to his classmates and teachers.  In high school, Gan even tried DJing, organizing concerts for some of the local artists. Furthermore, because both of his parents are medical doctors, Gan is also inspired to become one.

 1. Work hard 

Dr. Gan’s entrepreneurial spirit was fostered through his rich experience spanning from the garments industry, to the entertainment industry, and down to medical space. These experiences helped him successfully gain valuable experiences in different field. Dubbed as “Dentist to the Star,” Dr. Steve Mark Gan explained that it was not an overnight success but a hard-earned success. Gan, therefore, believes that hard work brings luck and opportunities.

2. Experience is the best teacher

Gan shares some lessons he learned with Chinoy TV, when he was first starting out as a medical practitioner. He recalls opening a dental clinic in Binondo and overcharged a patient for teeth cleaning. The service was often offered for 300 to 500 pesos but he charged the patient for 1000 pesos. In the end, he revealed that the patient never came back. He then understood the importance of not overcharging his clients and that "you learn business through experience."

3. Take calculated risks

During the initial phase of GAOC, Gan pointed out ‘over expanding’ as one of the major struggles the company encountered. Because they fail to calculate capital expenses, financial pressures arose. Just like any young adults, the internationally recognized dentist admitted that he used to be stubborn. From the mistakes he made when he was young, he learned how to carefully plan everything out before delving into the business.

4. Set goals

Since he entered the industry when Dentistry in the Philippines was still in its early stages and oral care among Filipinos was still underrated. Given the hidden hazard in the lack of attention for oral care, Gandecided to change how Filipinos view going to dentist from “dreadful” to “sexy”. With this goal in mind, Ganwants to contribute by offering his knowledge and skills learned from Los Angeles to the country. When asked about his vision for dentists in the Philippines, he proudly says that with the proper training and resources Philippine dentists can definitely compete globally. 

5. Do your business ethically and properly

Unethical behavior damages a company’s reputation. For a company to be sustainable, one has to think long-term. Therefore, maintaining good business ethics is beyond crucial for entrepreneurs. Moreover, Gan advises young Chinoys to be happy for the person beside them and success will follow.

“Everyday is a new day for Dentistry,” says Gan.

With this, Gan leaves a final advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. "I am living example of how an ordinary person make it successful," Gan added. Hence, if Gan can do it, you can also do it.

Embracing diverCHIty in Dentistry.

Catch Dr. Steve Mark Gan on May 19, 8PM, in Chinoy TV on ANC with replays on Sunday, 11AM.



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