#ChinoyProfiles: Chris Tiu Talks About Hosting and Juggling Opportunities

By Joser Ferreras 20 December, 2016

His jaw-dropping stints on court proved to be just the beginning. Now, 31-year-old Chris Tiu’s knack for taking the spotlight has gone beyond working the little brownball – juggling modelling, hosting, handling his own business, and just recently, becoming a father to a three-month-old baby girl.

The New Face of Chinoy TV

For the 2016 Chinese New Year, Chinoy TV proudly launched Chris as its newest celebrity host and we couldn’t miss following the Ateneo alumnus on his thoughts on the well-timed opportunity. When asked how he can bring something new to the Chinese-Filipino community, he shares:

I think I can introduce my experiences from the mainstream world to the more low-key Chinese community and vice versa. For Chinoy TV, I’m excited to introduce various lifestyle and inspiring segments to the youth of today who are very eager to explore new things, such as food, travel, as well as learn from successful personalities.

Hosting Inspiration

Diving into the world of hosting and the media may have been something out of element for the 2016 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Champion, but Chris admits to having his own dose of inspirations on how to be the best presenter possible. Asked what a good host means to him, he drops:

Someone who can engage the audience with enthusiasm and wit. During interviews, it is someone who can bring out substantial content from his/her interviewee and carry on an interesting conversation.

For inspiration, Chris draws from fellow Kapusos Drew Arellano and Michael V., who he admires most for their energy and wit.

Handling Multiple Careers

With all the things he has up on his sleeves, Chris acknowledges the importance of having support groups to help him focus on whatever job is at hand.

In hosting, I am the on-cam talent that’s why I get most of the credit but in reality, bulk of the work is done by the researchers, the production team, etc. In each business, we have competent management teams who report to me and the board. The same goes with my work as Barangay Kagawad and Head of Education and Sports of Urdaneta. In basketball, we have the coaching staff and my teammates who play significant roles… At the end of the day, it boils down to priority and sacrifice… We must make time for giving back and doing acts of service as well. I am thankful I have reliable people like my family members who help unconditionally.

To guide him in all his ventures, Chris humbly reminds himself of Confucius’ words – a superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that it’s not the accolades or the achievements that matter. What really matters are the good deeds you do towards other people. I’m the type of person who feels uncomfortable talking about myself or when people praise me. I’d rather let my work do the talking.

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