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ENRICH: Entrepreneurial Resilience In Changing Times

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and has caused most of NCR to lockdown once again, people have understandably felt a lack lack of motivation. 

To counter this, De La Salle University’s ENGLICOM and Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA) aims to promote positivity and resilience by launching ENRICH: Entrepreneurial Resilience in Changing Times! 

ENRICH: Entrepreneurial Resilience in Changing Times is a 3-day event that will provide students with opportunities to acquire more knowledge about entrepreneurship and management through talks from experienced individuals; and to spice ENRICH up, there will be a culminating case competition on improving marketing tactics as we move into the new normal. 

Picture the Future: Family Businesses in the New Normal happening this April 23 will revolve around how family businesses operate during this new normal with multi-businesses owners such as the Chairman and President of Toyota Tacloban, Mr. Jimmy T. Yaokasin, along with the Founding Head of the Mega World Lifestyle, Prof. Enrique Soriano. 

On the second day of ENRICH, April 24, the webinar entitled SustainaBeauty: Social Enterprises for Selfless Success which will revolve around social enterprises for selfless success with Mr. Jon Gancayco, President of RE/MAX Portfolio Brokerage & a Real Estate Entrepreneur, along with Ms. Rosalina Tan, Founding President and Chairman Emeritus of the Organic Producers Trade Association Philippines. 

ENRICH will then be capped off by Entrepreneurs’ Cup: Conquering Challenges, the event’s case competition on May 8. A lot of teams have already applied and are as thrilled for adapting new knowledge from ENRICH’s notable speakers and finally applying it to their case competition. To add to the excitement, ENRICH will be incentivizing the business case competition by giving cash prizes to those with the best proposals. 

ENRICH: Entrepreneurial Resilience in Changing Times has truly raised the bar and is set to exceed expectations. For more information, you may follow ENRICH’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/dlsuenrich

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