Episode 16 Recap: Dennis Anthony Uy on perseverance, focus, and Filipino digital rights

Let it be said that hard work and persistence always pay off.

Viewers of Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart have once again witnessed an inspiring story of a taipan who has emerged from humble beginnings to become one of the Philippines’ wealthiest men alive. 

In the series’ latest episode, Dennis Anthony Uy, CEO of Converge ICT Solutions, explains his bid to further modernize the local digital landscape, recognizing the need for every Filipino household to have access to fast and reliable internet speeds. In the process, Uy also reveals his grand ambitions for the country and the experiences that he has persevered through to become who he is today. 

Here is what viewers have taken away from it:


Never stop chasing your dreams. 

Prior to his success in the now flourishing tech industry, Dennis Uy experienced setbacks and failures countless times, creating several companies with which he had high hopes for. After he had graduated from Holy Angel University with a degree in electrical engineering, he opened up a video shop to capitalize on the betamax rage of the time. However, although the video-replicating business showed plenty of promise, the Video Regulatory Board was established, leaving Uy to end the venture and enter another industry. 

Uy made the conscious choice to see this setback as an opportunity, so in a move that seemed all the more promising, he decided to establish the Angeles City Cable Network. But again, before the business could truly take off, another obstacle made itself known — Mt. Pinatubo erupted, disrupting not only the cable network’s momentum but also the lives of everyone in the region. Despite that, Uy proceeded with resilience. 

When you’re down, you cannot go down any further because you are already at rock bottom. It will be up in due time,” Uy explained.

Now, Dennis Anthony Uy is ranked sixth in the 2021 edition of the Philippines’ 50 Richest list by Forbes. Alongside his wife Maria Grace, he has garnered a combined net worth of USD 2.8 billion.

Inspired by the story, Lemuel Nicasio Francisco posted: “Dennis Uy, CEO of Converge, inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a future educator. I am a graduate of education but am currently at home because [I am] in a state of healing from a successful operation last June. Yesterday, I witnessed a man that inspires me to look at the beauty of life. He also urges me to be ambitious and have more faith in God. In this digital age, I am ready to run faster or the fastest to claim success.” 

Meanwhile, Enzo Ramos shared, “Don’t give up until you reach your dream. Mr. Uy has many companies [that] went bankrupt and closed, but he did not stop getting up and standing on his own two feet to promote the company. A growing business that can take care of your day-to-day needs — that’s success. However, success is not just about business. Business is just one part of success. You have to have discipline, determination, and the ability to work hard. Focus. Then the rest would depend on market forces. Are you in a business where you can compete? That’s what I learned from Mr. Dennis Uy after I watched his video on YOUTUBE.” 

Jessica Eugenio Malonzo commented, “Dennis Uy, CEO of Converge, inspired me to pursue my dream in life and never stop dreaming. I am a full-time mom, and I have two kids. This rich man inspires me to look at the beauty of life no matter what happens. Be humble to someone. That’s why I idolize Mr. Dennis Uy.” 


Stay humble and focused. 

Although Uy’s achievements have been nothing short of praiseworthy and awe-inspiring, Uy himself has not let the attention distract him from his actual goals, which involve bringing quality internet access to every Filipino. Earning money, at this point, is just secondary.

Noting the Philippines’ lacking technological tools when compared to neighboring countries in Asia, Uy has made it a personal ambition to see Filipinos thrive. “You make things happen. You make technology to fill the lives of the individual Filipino, and they enjoy it and they make a success out of their lives. Then you contribute to nation-building. That’s the fulfillment I’m looking at.”

“A rich man who is very humble is someone that this younger generation like me will idolize,” remarked Lemuel Nicasio Francisco.

Цха Цха advised, “Be humble, and don’t lie. If you want to achieve your plan, be patient.”

Allan Reyes commented, “He didn’t feel that he is the 6th richest in the Forbes list. It is only a market cap evaluation. [He just] hopes he doesn’t owe money to the bank. He stayed humble despite all of his achievements in life.”


Don’t miss the replay of this week’s episode of Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart this evening, November 27, at 6:30 PM. Catch the next episode on Sunday at 8 PM. Both episodes will air on CNN Philippines. 

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