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Episode 4: Content Creation with Camille Co

Show Notes by: Sharleen Estrella

Interested in pursuing a career in content creation? Do you genuinely want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes of being a content creator? For this episode, we asked Camille Co, a top lifestyle blogger and vlogger, about the important lessons she learned on her content creator journey. Aside from that, she was also able to impart a few tips, especially for aspiring and starting content creators.


Passion Meets Profession

In the beginning of the podcast, Janeena and Camille talk about their “throwback” memories of blogging. Camille started way back in 2010, where she would usually post on Chictopia, an online fashion site, to learn more about fashion and post her original Coexist designs. When she started vlogging to simply get more publicity for her Coexist designs, she was surprised at how she handled vlogging naturally, and it eventually became her career. She also shared some of the limitations of being in the influencer industry.


Personality is the key to success

Influencer marketing became a hit because it’s relatable to the people. Due to its popularity, some people are lured in by the perks and tend to solely focus on its glamour aspect that they eventually lose track of its true essence. Camille shares the importance of personality and how one should truly know his/herself before entering the influencer industry because there is the danger of losing yourself. You should always remember that staying true to yourself can help you overcome any challenges you might face, and find the right audience that resonates with your voice and passion. 


You can’t please everyone, but you can always please yourself!

Camille is aware that the bigger the influencer gets, the more bashers they may have and the more toxic it may get. According to her, in order to defeat these “trolls,” you have to keep yourself grounded, be self-aware, and have a genuine support system that consists of your family and friends. At the same time, it’s important to learn how to say no and know your non-negotiables. There will always be some things that aren’t going to work for you because either they are not in line with your personal goals or you feel like it’s not going to be a good fit for you, and that’s all completely normal. If you have a strong personal foundation, you’ll simply find contentment and happiness within yourself already. You’ll also be able to easily create the vision that truly reflects who you are and what you want your audience to see. 


Sometimes, it just gets tiring…

But of course, putting yourself together all the time can become exhausting in the long run. With that, Camille shares that once you feel the burnout, take a step back and collect yourself. She says that it’s important to take a break when needed because you must be in the proper headspace to function. That, in turn, will eventually reflect through your brainstorming and featured content. Camille reveals that what she loves to do to help keep her going is look through different inspirations or scroll through her favorite brands or commercials. It’s very important to find what interests you because that could also help inspire you. 


Dear future content creators,

Always know your niche or get to know your audience. Research is vital in determining what content you should create. But don’t forget to credit, especially when you’re getting content inspiration or collaborating with others! As Camille says, always be transparent with your audience since it’s your responsibility to provide them with sufficient and truthful information. Don’t forget to relax and take your time so that you can live in the moment as well. If your family doubts your passion, it may be because their concern mainly stems from their uncertainty over it. It would help if you could try to be patient and show them what you do so that they could understand it more. Last but not least, always be grateful.


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