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Episode 6: Trusting Where Life Takes You (Ask Janeena Chan)

Rise Up with Janeena Chan Episode 6: Trusting Where Life Takes You (Ask Janeena Chan)

Show Notes by: Aleessa Ching


Feeling a little lost lately? Looking for a sign or just some motivation to keep you going? For this episode, we got to ask our favorite host and content creator, Janeena Chan, about life, career, and more. Let’s hear what she has to say! 


Trust where life takes you.

When asked about how her career started, Janeena shared various moments and milestones that have helped her get to where she is today. Being the curious person that she is, Janeena took on singing and modeling as a child before she was introduced to hosting. She emphasizes the importance of being open to trying new things since you’ll never know where they’ll take you next. But in the end, Janeena says that what’s important is that you’re able to find what makes you happy and what feels right for you.


Be as organic as possible.

As a content creator, it can be hard to remain consistent when creating content. Janeena shares that the best way to do this is to be as organic as possible. You want to give fresh ideas without losing sight of your values and who you are. Be true to yourself while never forgetting to rest and take breaks from time to time.


Change is the only constant thing in life.

It’s normal to be scared of the obstacles that life can throw at us, but that shouldn’t stop us from achieving our dreams and living life to the fullest. According to Janeena, nothing’s constant in life but change. Though sometimes, we end up mistaking these changes as obstacles. If we train our minds to think of them as redirections rather than obstacles, we’ll be better equipped to handle the changes that come our way.


There’s no deadline for achieving your goals. 

For Janeena, there’s no deadline for achieving your goals. Either you want to explore new things or go back to your previous passions. Just because you get rejected or your goals have been delayed, it doesn’t mean they won’t happen. Janeena believes in destiny and right timing. It’s important to be at the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons, with the right people.


The value of community

The limitations imposed by this pandemic have made Janeena realize the value of relationships even more. Being able to connect and surround yourself with your family, friends, and the people around you is very important. She hopes we’ll all realize their value more, live in the moment, and not take any of them for granted.





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