Evan Tan: Rising Chinoy Content Creator and Engineer 

Evan Tan is a prolific Chinoy content creator with more than 11 Million followers and counting! He enjoys making entertaining videos for people to enjoy on TikTok and YouTube. Due to his fame and achievements in social media, most of his fans don’t know he is also a licensed engineer! 

“I like trying new experiences and meeting new people. I am also a registered engineer who enjoys playing the guitar and watching shows.” He adds. 

Tan grew up in what he calls a “cloistered, traditional Chinese family in Baguio.” Being in the province, they did not have much exposure to larger Chinese demographics such as those in Binondo. He says his limited exposure to Chinoy social circles around him led to his exploring other avenues such as social media.

Photo credit: Evan Tan

Due to the simple and reserved culture at home, Evan’s social media career was a secret at first. But eventually, his Tiktok channel grew unexpectedly, and his family found out. They were not that supportive at first but eventually, they saw how much it meant to him so they also started to root for his success.

Chinoy society is known to be very traditional, but Tan believes that the new generation is slowly breaking away from that stereotype. For example, a provincial Chinoy like him was able to break out of his comfort zone and become an unexpected social media creator. Additionally, more Chinoys are going into creative fields such as movies, social media, and art. 

Photo credit: Evan Tan

“I am so grateful that I was able to inspire others to pursue what they love in the name of passion!” Evan says with a contented smile. 

Like many Chinoys who pursue art, Tan had a backup plan as well. “I finished my undergrad degree and eventually became a cum laude and board passer at the age of 22 so that I have a profession to fall back on when my passion for what I do on social media eventually fades.”

When asked about his recent achievements, Evan recounts his numerous collaborations as well as his happiness when his content went beyond borders from the Philippines to the world. 


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“I was so blessed to have reached different parts of the globe such as Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, the US and other territories with my content. Somehow, these people from other cultures get to see what Tsinoys are – Chinese by blood, Pinoy by heart, with love for what is local but with a positive mindset for what is global.”

“I want to serve as in inspiration as someone who is very positive in accepting innovation but still a bridge to preserve tradition. Most Chinoys now have already become too modern that they forget to preserve their ancestry. I want to show that you can be modern without erasing who you are.”

Jia you, Evan Tan! 

Evan Tan at a Vogue

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