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Everything You Need To Know About The Asian Baby Girl ‘ABG’

First, there were the ‘Tumblr Girls’, then rose the ‘VSCO girls’, and now, the newest viral sensation the ‘ABG’ or ‘Asian Baby Girl’.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the ‘ABG’ is an Asian female gang who are socially active, obsessively into bubble tea, and all things trendy. The common ABGs are also known for dying their hair a lot, wearing huge eye-lash extensions, long painted nails, piercings, and tattoos. ABGs would shop till they drop, stay up past their curfew, and party till dawn.

Usually, the ABG look is attempted by most girls of Asian descent – Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, etc. Even if you aren’t one it’s very simple to cop the look. Curious to know more about these types of ABGs? Well, scroll down to see which Asian Baby Girl you might just be!

1) The Typical ABG


  1. Hair color is usually blonde sometimes black
  2. Wears tight-fitting tank tops and jeans paired with white sneakers
  3. Usually buys Bobba or Starbucks
  4. The ‘Asian’ Kardashian
  5. Likes getting piercings and long clip-on nails
  6. Hangs out with their fellow ABGs till the break of dawn

2) The ABG Make-Up Guru


  1. Loves putting on make-up and posting before-after looks on TikTok
  2. Constantly puts on eyelid tape to achieve hooded eyelids
  3. Likes trying out different types of skincare products
  4. Usually is up-to-date with the latest skincare trends

3) The ABG Gamer


  1. Can’t get enough of buying the latest game releases
  2. Streams themselves playing video games 24/7
  3. Definitely born to be a night-owl
  4. Loves watching Anime or reading Manga
  5. Often wears a baggy shirt paired with mini shorts

4) The ABG Kawaii


  1. You usually spot them during trade conventions or Fanfest
  2. The girls you would find in the streets of Harajuku
  3. Loves wearing fluffy chiffon skirts and kawaii headpieces
  4. Uses makeup to make their eyes look bigger and lips thinner
  5. Often dyes their hair to pastel colors

5) The ABG Baddie


  1. Usually dyes their hair with highlights or streaks of blonde
  2. Likes to show off their tattoos and piercings
  3. Wears black clothing most of the time
  4. Thick lashes and clip-on nails

6) The Nerdy ABG


  1. You often find them wearing large baggy hoodies
  2. Their hair is always tied up into a pony
  3. Favorite accessory is their large spectacles
  4. Usually wears earphones or headphones around the neck

7) The Actual Baby Girl


  1. She is your typical ‘shobe’ who is constantly clingy, friendly, and sometimes flirty!
  2. Jennie from Blackpink is an exact replica of how she is
  3. She likes having her hair down and curled
  4. Wears minimal to no make-up at all
  5. She’s very conservative in terms of her style of clothing


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