Everything You Should Know About ‘Youth With You 3’

Have you heard? Dance mentor LISA of BLACKPINK is now back to serve the hottest looks and advice for China’s latest idols-to-be!

Leading Chinese streaming service iQIYI recently premiered its latest reality survival program Youth With You 3 (青春有你3) to great online zeal. Coming from the success of its previous seasons, the idol-producing series has returned yet again to present a source of hope and excitement for contestants and audiences alike. Youth With You 3 features a fresh new cast of 119 male trainees, providing them with the opportunity to compete for a much-wanted grand prize: the chance to debut in an all-new and popular boy group. 

Since its inception, the franchise has launched a streak of flourishing careers, starting with those of members belonging to its winning idol groups Nine Percent, UNINE, and THE9. Now, Youth With You begins another chapter of the next talents to come. 

Here are four things you need to know about this highly anticipated series:


The Concept

Fun fact: Despite its name, the show is actually the fourth edition of the Youth With You series! This is because the original production was named Idol Producera reference to the popular Korean survival program Produce 101 and not to be confused with China’s very own spinoff of the same show.

Each iteration of Youth With You brings in a group of passionate trainees from both in and outside of China, offering them the potential to make their idol dreams a reality. However, because idol groups are almost always exclusively gendered, the series alternates between boys and girls every season to keep things fun and fair. Since Youth With You 2 just debuted its female C-pop group THE9, this year’s program is now dedicated to fostering the future men of China’s rapidly developing entertainment industry. 


Youth With You 2 debuted hot new girl group THE9.


With only nine spots for a guaranteed debut awaiting them, competing trainees must try their best to win the hearts of the audience as they polish their skills, prepare amazing stages, and avoid elimination throughout this next set of grueling weeks. This is, of course, all with the help and guidance of the program’s beloved mentors.


The Mentors

Youth With You wouldn’t be complete without its super cool and reliable mentor cast! 

This year, the show welcomes award-winning singer-songwriter Li Ronghao and well-loved musical artist Will Pan respectively as its vocal and rap mentors. BLACKPINK’s Lisa also returns as the series’ popular dance mentor, having impressed global audiences with her professional but endearing personality during her stint on Youth With You 2

Former top-ranked trainee Esther Yu of THE9 has also rejoined the program to serve as its Youth Tutor. Meanwhile, musician Chris Lee takes on the role of hosting Youth With You 3 as its Youth PD.  


The Audience

Did you know that the audience is the most important part of the show? In order for these trainees to reach their dreams, fans must vote them into the top nine of the competition! 

While previous seasons only allowed for viewers to cast votes from China, what makes Youth With You 3 all the more exciting is the inclusion of its global fanbase. Audiences from all around the world may now support their favorite idol trainees by submitting their votes on iQIYI’s international website,, or via the iQIYI International App. 


The Trainees

There are over 100 trainees to keep track of, but don’t let that scare you off! We’ll give you a rundown of the top nine contestants as of the fourth episode of Youth With You 3:


1. Yu Jingtian / Tony (余景天) 

Class: A

Currently ranked at the top is Yu Jingtian! Popular right from the start, Yu Jingtian is an FNC Entertainment trainee who gained a massive following after ranking 20th in Produce X 101, another popular idol survival program in South Korea. 


2. Li Junhao / Rimiko (李俊濠) 

 Class: C

Previously ranked number one last week, Li Junhao is a charismatic TF Entertainment trainee who specializes in acting, having performed in dramas such as Boyhood, The Prince of Tennis, and Forward Forever


3. Liang Sen (梁森) 

Class: A

Prior to Youth With You 3, Liang Sen has already had his fair share of roles in the Chinese entertainment industry. Not only has he acted in dramas such as The King’s Avatar and Legend of Fu Yao, but he has also demonstrated a love for performing, having joined both the second season of Crossover Singer and figure skating reality show The King of Kanone


4. Wei Hongyu (魏宏宇)

Class: A

This Dalian Entertainment trainee shot right up the ranks! Though he was originally placed 84th during the show’s first week, Wei Hongyu quickly proved himself to be a public favorite with his amazing skills as a musician and performer. 


5. Tang Jiuzhou / JOJO (唐九洲)

Class: N

Before coming into Youth With You 3, Tang Jiuzhou took part in many Chinese variety shows, including Brother, Stop Making Trouble, and The Great Escape, among others. This Yuehua Entertainment contestant has also hosted the variety program Detective College.  


6. Lian Huaiwei (连淮伟)

Class: C

Lian Huaiwei is no stranger to reality survival programs! In fact, the trainee was one spot away from debut after having ranked 10th in 2019’s edition of Youth With You. In addition to this, Lian Huaiwei has also entered in other Chinese entertainment programs such as Birth of a Star, Tco, Dream Space (Season Two), and Masked Dancing King. 


7. Sun Yihang (孙亦航)

Class: B

This trainee already debuted in 2017. Prior to joining Youth With You 3, Sun Yihang was known for being a member of Yi An Musical, a cross-dimension group managed by Original Plan Entertainment. 


8. Deng Xiaoci / Jerome.D (邓孝慈)

Class: N

De Xiaoci is a newcomer on the Chinese entertainment scene. However, that doesn’t make him any less formidable as a contestant. Despite his still budding skills as a musical artist, De Xiaoci has already captured national attention and ranks eighth on the show, as of this writing. 


9. Liu Jun (刘隽)

Class: A

Liu Jun is a Malaysian trainee best known for being a choreographer of Korea’s well-renowned 1 MILLION Dance Studio. In addition to this, he has also taken part in Chinese variety shows, including PHANTACITY and the street dance-oriented Hot-Blood Dance Crew


So what are you waiting for? Youth With You 3 airs on iQIYI on Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 pm! You can watch it now here!


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