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Feng Shui Animals That Bring Good Fortune

It is believed that if certain symbols and animals from Chinese culture are placed in specific locations around the home, they would bring good fortune. The Feng Shui animals that bring good fortune are often placed in the corresponding Feng Shui parts to attract luck and good fortune into the home and drive out all the bad energy. Here, we’ll talk about the well-known Feng Shui animals that are said to bring good fortune.

Dragon: Protection

Dragons are considered to be powerful Feng Shui creatures since they essentially play to their strengths. It may fend off bad energy and keep criminals and robbers away from your private place if maintained facing southeast in the home.

Learn About Chinese Dragons | Chinese Language Institute

Cricket: Wealth

Wealth is brought into a home by having crickets in the kitchen. A cricket statue is a lucky ornament that is best placed in your kitchen or in the Southeast corner of your home. You can keep it at your house or at work.

If Insects Could Speak | RISD Museum

Bat: Prosperity and Health

A traditional Chinese word for prosperity, “bat” is a representation of wealth. Additionally, as a symbol of prosperity and health, it should be positioned in the Southeast corner of your home.

Chinese Bat Paintings | Chinese art painting, Bat art, Painting

Dog: Strength and Faith

A dog is a Feng Shui animal that represents faith and loyalty, much like its traits. Placing a dog in your home can help you to remain strong in the face of hardship and maintain your sense of justice in life. The item can be placed in the southwest corner of the house to save your marriage or relationship, the southeast corner to safeguard your wealth, and the north corner of the house to safeguard your career.

Chinese Dog Painting 0 4374014, 66cm x 66cm(26〃 x 26〃)

Boar: Wealth

The boar, also known as the pig in Feng Shui, stimulates the wealth region of the home, which is often in the southeast corner and is also a Chinese astrological sign. Piggy banks are typically used to store money since they are frequently used to collect money.

Chinese brush painted boar; could a tattoo replicate this well? | Year of the boar, Boar, Taoist

Monkey: Career

A monkey statue in the home is also a Chinese astrological sign that encourages creativity, intellect, and originality. To advance your profession, riches, celebrity, or recognition, it should be positioned in your home’s north, southeast, or south directions. The monkey, one of the most well-known Feng Shui creatures, is known for mischief and spreads that fun energy about. Bring in a gold Chinese monkey statue and set it in your home since it improves the energy of the space where it is placed.

The Monkey in Chinese Culture - Youlin Magazine

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