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Feng Shui Expert on Why Charms Don’t Work and More

In the Philippines, we put a lot of Feng Shui stock in lucky charms, amulets, and statues. We end up spending a lot of money, and having to switch them out yearly depending on predictions. Master Kevin Foong tells us to stop that wasteful practice.

Feng Shui is all about the energy in spaces. Arranging your home in a way that positively moves chi is ideal, especially now that we spend so much of our time there amid the pandemic. A certain arrangement and positioning of furniture in your home can also foster and encourage prosperity in your dwelling and workspaces. 

Feng Shui Master Kevin Foong recently shared some tips at the virtual event, Modern Tao Ke: Feng Shui Tips for Your Business in 2021, a webinar brought to you by Globe myBusiness in partnership with CHiNOY TV.

“Feng Shui is not about buying charms,” Master Foong reminded us. “Choose very carefully the 8 directions of where you stay.”

The directions include the entire 400m area surrounding your property, also known in Feng Shui practice as ‘external landforms.’ “This contributes 60% of  feng shui energy.”

“The remaining 40% is the energy space of your home — where you position your working desk, where you position your bed to your stove, all where the main doors open is all the energy chi flow configuration.”



So what is the optimal arrangement for chi flow? You start with looking at the energy mapping. “We can look at it like the wi-fi coverage of your house,” he said.

Look at the prosperous directions, and the not so prosperous ones and work around that. Here some things to note on the directions:


Northeast: This is where you will get marketing opportunities. Do your marketing and sales calls here.

West: If you want to earn wealth and gain investments, position your desk here, whether in your house or your working space.

South: If you want to be famous and are looking for supporters, position yourself in the south sector.

East: This is the place to be if you want to earn knowledge and new skills. Maximize your Feng Shui by working on academic achievements in the eastern portion of the room. This area increases your productivity.

North: The North sector will have a tendency to bring illness if you spend too much time here. If this happens, Master Foong advises that you get up and move to different sectors.

Southwest: Conflict will be most likely to arise here, so stay away if you want to avoid disagreements and hurt feelings.

Northwest: Do not position water features here this year. It can trigger robberies.

Southeast: Do not do your renovations here. Whether it be with a hammer or drilling, this is the disaster area this year.

Whether or not you believe in feng shui, just remember that your hard work and focus will get you far! Master Foong’s tips are meant to help propel you in the direction you want to go, but it doesn’t start the engine.


This virtual event, Modern Tao Ke: Feng Shui Tips For Your Business in 2021 is one of the many projects of the Modern Tao Ke campaign this 2021, aiming to guide the Chinese and Filipino SMEs as they reinvent their success this year.

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