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Feng Shui for Your Business 2021: What You Need to Know

Globe myBusiness, in partnership with CHiNOY TV, hosted Modern Tao Ke: Feng Shui Tips for Your Business in 2021 on Facebook live. Singaporean Feng Shui expert and Bazi consultant Kevin Foong shared tips to help you have a successful business. 

Entrepreneurs looking for more luck and success for their business tuned in and learned from the Feng Shui master. The live stream got over 179,000 views on Facebook. Participants were even treated to a raffle sponsored by Globe myBusiness!

In case you missed it, here are a few tips from Kevin Foong that you might want to consider for your professional endeavors:

1. We are entering a water cycle. Knowledge is power.

“COVID-19 caught people unaware and they made last-minute decisions, and we risked our health,” he said, while acknowledging that 2020 brought us learnings and knowledge. “Businesses and human beings have learned how to transform.”

2. We are in the vaccination stage.

“But still be wary! 2022 will be a better timeline, but 2021 isn’t really ready for all of us to go gallivanting about in public.”

3. We are in period 9: the fire element energy. Fire represents digitalization.

“How do you use social media to reach out? How do you use social media in advertising?” he asks the participants. “This is important for all of us to know because we want to take advantage of this.”

4. Certain industries will improve the most in 2021.

Metal element industries like finance and engineering will see the most changes and will be given the chance to adapt and grow. Then you’ve got fire element industries, which are emerging industries. Earth industries like property can improve, while travel industries will have to figure out how to adapt to the current situation.

5. Adapt to the times.

“No matter what industry you are in, adapt and pivot your business. Think about your business and think about how you can utilize the internet so it can complement this,” he said.

Globe myBusiness partnered with CHiNOY TV for the virtual event, Modern Tao Ke: Feng Shui Tips For Your Business in 2021, and it is one of the many projects of the Modern Tao Ke Campaign, which aims to help and guide Chinese and Filipino entrepreneurs as they reinvent their success this year.


For more activities and exciting promos of the Modern Tao Ke, stay tuned on Globe myBusiness and CHiNOY TV’s Facebook pages this 2021, and equip yourself for growth and prosperity.


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