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Feng Shui: What is the Ideal and “Lucky” Face?

According to feng shui principles, our faces are the blueprint for our future. Every feature, mark, and detail on our faces has significance (whether positive or otherwise). While there is no scientific evidence of the effects of face feng shui on one’s well-being, an increasing number of facial cosmetic trends are uncannily matched with face feng shui concepts. With that being said, let’s look at what is considered the ideal or “lucky face”: 

1. Forehead

The forehead represents luck from above and is known as the “first prosperity mountain” of the face. According to feng shui, a smooth, round, prominent, and broad forehead represents good fortune, power, and riches. Lines, blemishes, stains, and moles are advised to be avoided on the forehead.

2. Eyes and Eyebrows

Shiny, slightly wet eyes, regardless of form, size, or color, are considered to portend great fortune. Bright eyes with clear sclera, preferably framed by arched, full, well-trimmed brows, indicate excellent health and fortune. Eye bags or dark eye circles generate droopy and sleepy-looking eyes, which indicate a lack of vitality and energy. The presence of double eyelids is unimportant; what matters is the radiance and vibrancy of the eyes themselves.

3. Nose

The nose is another wealth location on the face, representing one of the face’s “rivers.” An ideal nose is supposed to be rounder and fleshier for better luck with money. It should seem balanced and smooth, with no flaws or blotches. A woman’s nose is the best predictor of her man’s prospective performance, especially when it comes to current success markers like profession, income, and so on. A lady’s nose that would “prosper” her significant other should be tall and have a good nasal bridge. Any hump is a bad omen for marriage, as are spots of any color on the nose, which might indicate hurdles or calamities, especially moles on the tip of the nose.

4. Cheeks

High cheekbones and bigger cheeks are ideal for attracting more riches and happiness into your life. Well-defined or large fleshy cheekbones are thought to represent authority and success in one’s job.

5. Lips

The mouth is the face’s second “river.” Plumper, fuller, and pink lips, according to feng shui, are auspicious for both men and women, and are supposed to attract riches. Lips should never be dry or chapped, regardless of size or shape, as this symbolizes drying the “river” and hence loss of luck. They attract luck and fortune as long as their lips remain moist.

6. Chin and Jawline

The chin is the face’s second “mountain.” An auspicious chin is one that is fleshier, prominent, and well-contoured, since it represents good fortune and stability in old age, with supportive friends and subordinates. A sunken chin and a lackluster jawline are undesirable features in feng shui. A strong jawline in males represents a strong personality, masculinity, and authority, whereas a receding jawline represents misfortune and weakness.

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