Five new C-Movies to watch out for in 2022

Without a doubt, the appetite for Chinese language content is growing steadily worldwide. This year, many C-Dramas such as The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang have been making waves in the international scene. With this upward development, this writer could only assume that 2022 will be another successful year for Chinese titles, not just in Asia. 

In an online survey iQiyi conducted through Pollfish, the pilot study showed that a promising 76% of global respondents started sampling Chinese dramas within the past two years, with 43% watching these content on streaming platforms. The study is pretty recent, done in August and surveying 5,200 respondents across 26 countries.

iQiyi recently announced its 2021 year-end and 2022’s line-up of new Chinese films and series that bring together award-winning stars, including Feng Xiaogang, Joan Chen, and Simon Yam, among others. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for new Chinese dramas to add to your watchlist, then you clicked on the right article! If you already have the iQiyi app, here are five new Chinese series that will be available on the platform soon:

Man on the Edge

Directed by Wong Ming Sing, stars Richie Jen, Simon Yam, Patrick Tam, in a Hong Kong-styled police and gang face-off. 

Wolf Hiding

A clandestine gang is in disarray following the appearance of a mystery person and sparks off a war for a new order.

Hovering Blade

Adapted from a novel by Japanese author Higashino Keigo brought to life by award-winning male leads Wang Qianyuan and Wang Jingchun. 

The Invisible Guest

Adapted from a classic suspense film that offers epic twists and turns to unravel the hidden truth.

The Lost Kids

Based on true events, the film reveals the internal conditions of an Internet addiction rehabilitation centre, critiques organizations acting outside the law, and spotlights parent-children education. 

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