Five times Toni Sia proved that she’s a perfect LGBTQ+ ally (especially to brother Kingzie Sia)

If you’re a subscriber of Toni Sia‘s YouTube channel, then you probably already know that she is a proud sister to Kingzie, her younger brother who came out gay—a loud and proud at that one—during his birthday last 2020. Kingzie frequently appears in Toni’s vlogs, especially now that they live together after moving out of their parent’s home. 

According to one of Toni’s vlogs that narrates how Kingzie came out, Toni admitted that it’s her first time dealing with a gay brother, but she doesn’t see and treat Kingzie any less. In fact, Toni sees it more as an advantage that her closest brother is also her best friend.

In celebration of Pride Month, we give you five reasons why we all need a sister like Toni and how she’s a perfect example of an LGBTQ+ ally!

She respects Kingzie’s timing on coming out.

Toni and Kingzie Sia /Photos from @tonisiaa on Instagram

Dealing with being closeted is one thing, but having a sibling come out to you is another. Although Toni already had gut instincts and was just waiting for Kingzie to come out, she still felt overwhelmed when Kingzie finally confirmed his preferences to her. 

“To be honest, I was never worried about his future. I never doubted him. I didn’t know how to feel [when he came out], but one thing is for sure, I was never sad and I was never disappointed with him,” Toni shares. 

She is Kingzie’s safe space.

Of all people, Kingzie came out to Toni first. And during the process of Kingzie figuring out how to come out to all his loved ones, Toni was his safe space where he can be who he wants to be when he’s around her.

“Kingzie coming out is not much of a big deal. The only difference is Kingzie now uses my makeup and clothes,” Toni says with a laugh. “At the end of the day, I just want to be his source of comfort.”

She will always be there for Kingzie. 

In another vlog where Toni and Kingzie answer questions they have never asked each other, Kingzie reveals that what she likes most about Toni is that she always thinks of him in every decision that Toni makes. “You value my perspective. You listen to me, and you cherish me as your brother/best friend,” Kingzie tells Toni.

She accepts Kingzie the way he is.

When asked if Toni and Kingzie want to change something about each other, they both agreed that they wouldn’t change even a single thing. “We complement each other already, like a duo,” Kingzie continues, “if I’m going to change something about you, you wouldn’t be “Cece” (as what Kingzie calls her sister) anymore.” Toni agrees, “I like who you are now. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

According to Kingzie, she is the perfect sister.

“I honestly think you are the best sister. If you notice, I never compare you to others, because I couldn’t ask for a better sister. You’ve always pampered me. You’ve always stood as an inspiration to me. I mean, I will never compare you to other sisters because I’m already happy with you,” Kingzie expounds through his own words. 

To those who are wondering how you can support a loved one that is planning to come out, Kingzie advises, “You should make them feel that everything is normal because it is normal. Make them feel that you fully accept them, with no ifs and no buts.” Toni adds, “You can do it! The first part of coming out is the hardest, but the freedom you will get after is worth it. Spread your wings, darlings!”

Feel free to share your coming-out story in the comments section below to inspire more people to be who they want to be!


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