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Food Guide: 5 Dishes for Chinoy Chinese Restaurant Veterans!

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How familiar are you with Chinese cuisine?

Those who are new to the vast world of dim sum and other traditional dishes may find themselves confused about what to order. This is why we’ve previously written a food guide for adventurous beginners to try out! However, those who are more confident in their culinary sensibilities may find themselves wanting to delve deeper into a more authentic Chinese experience.

This food guide is for those who want to take their Chinese menu knowledge to the next level. After all, if you’ve never tried these dishes, then are you sure you really know how to order Chinese food?

Here are five Chinese dishes for you to check out (if you haven’t already)!


1. Century Eggs

These preserved duck eggs aren’t to everyone’s taste, but dim sum veterans never miss out on an order of these popular appetizers! Smooth, creamy, and succulent, century eggs are best paired with soy sauce and pickled ginger. This results in a wonderful balance of richness, acidity, and flavor that many Chinese cuisine diners often enjoy.

Source: Baidu


2. Jellyfish Salad

Often served alongside cold cuts and other appetizers, jellyfish salad is a mainstay in Chinese restaurant dining tables. Known for its light and tasty flavors, as well as its unique crunchy texture, this dish is typically composed of jellyfish tentacles that are dressed in a combination of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and chili flakes.

Source: Baidu


3. Beancurd Rolls

Also known as tofu skin rolls, beancurd rolls are definitely some of the most underrated dim sum dishes in existence. Served either steamed or fried, these rolls make use of beancurd skin as a wrapper, which is made to encase a delicious filling of shrimp, leeks, tofu, scallions, chicken, bamboo shoots, and more.

Source: Baidu


4. Taro Puffs

This delicately crunchy puffball is a hidden treasure in the dim sum realm. Hiding inside its golden exterior is a creamy mashed taro, pork, shrimp, and mushroom filling that is perfect for those who love savory goodness. It is best to never make the mistake of forgetting to order this dish!

Source: Baidu


5. Ma Lai Go

Ma lai go, otherwise referred to as the Malay sponge cake, is a dim sum dessert that is generally popular in Guangdong and Hong Kong. It is best known for its golden brown appearance and its light, airy, and fluffy texture, the latter of which is created by steaming the dish to perfection.

Source: Baidu

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