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Former Philippine Ambassador to ASEAN Wilfrido Villacorta Gets Chinese Studies Scholarly Distinction

Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Philippines to ASEAN Wilfrido Villacorta was conferred a prestigious distinction for his contribution to the field of Chinese Studies.

Amb. Villacorta was given the distinction of “Honorary Fellow” by the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies, the first eminent personality to be bestowed with the said distinction.

The significance of the award
According to the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies (PACS), a non-profit, professional association, it “confers the title of Honorary Fellow on exemplary individuals who have contributed significantly to Chinese Studies and whose outstanding knowledge and experience can help PACS fulfill its vision and mission.”

The distinction comes with the expectation that Amb. Villacorta deliver a public lecture and/or author a paper, which will be published in a Chinese Studies Journal.

Academic and diplomatic experience
The former ambassador brings with him a rich and dynamic experience in supporting PACS’ mission of deepening Filipinos’ knowledge and awareness of China and Chinese Studies.

He graduated college from the University of the Philippines as a political science major and earned both his masters and doctorate in Politics, major in International Law and Relations, from the Catholic University of America.

From 2003-2006, he served as Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN, and from 2011-2012, he was Philippine Ambassador to the same association.

The importance of Chinese Studies as a field of study
Chinese Studies is not considered a “traditional” field like business, law, and medicine, and yet it is arguably one of the most dynamic fields of study today.

Not only does it comprise the study of the Chinese language (especially Mandarin), but it also includes fields that are ever-important in today’s world; it includes politics and international relations, medicine, media, the sciences, the social sciences, history, sociology, and more.

With China’s modern role as a global superpower, the key to understanding a big part of the world today lies in the field of Chinese Studies.

Credits: Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies (Original Cover Photo)


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