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Fumizen Japanese Restaurant Team Reveals How to Foster Success

Perhaps two of the most significant factors that play a part in success are opportunity and initiative. This is why no hesitation was made when Fumizen, a well-renowned tonkatsu restaurant in Japan, was recently brought to Manila following its discovery by an impressed and keen-eyed Chinoy entrepreneur. 

Located in Tokyo’s New Otani Hotel, the original Fumizen establishment is reputed for its mastery over fried pork cutlets and other traditional Japanese dishes, all of which have steadily evolved over the course of more than 40 years. Now, the team behind its first Filipino franchise has opened Fumizen’s new doors, bringing in an artisan spirit that delivers only the very best, with its high-quality ingredients, authentic meals, and excellent services. 

Coming in equipped with experience, Fumizen operations manager Richard Ang shares with CHiNOY TV some tips on fostering business growth and success:


1. “Concentrate on mastering a skill.” 

Fumizen owes its success to its constant dedication to improvement, sharpening traditional techniques and cooking methods with modern innovations — not only is their signature dish coated and deep-fried using specially formulated panko (read: breadcrumbs) that reduce oil absorption, but it’s also seasoned with a hint of truffle salt for enhanced flavor.

With over 40 years of history, it’s really no wonder that Fumizen’s tonkatsu has risen to such a high standard, ready as it is to be enjoyed by all. 


Rosu Katsudon (P395), a breaded deep-fried pork loin cutlet served with egg, Japanese rice, miso soup, shredded cabbage, and seasonal fruit.


2. “Do business not to make profit but to impact lives.”

Those in the Fumizen team love what they do: creating great food and providing great service to Filipinos in the metro. All of this is done in the name of continuing the restaurant philosophy, which is to touch the lives of its diners by inspiring memories of the best tonkatsu that there is.  


3. “Remember that employees are the lifeblood of the business.”

One of the best ways to maintain a successful business is to make sure that employees are treated with dignity and respect. Providing them with a safe and enjoyable workspace allows them to love what they do. For Fumizen, which values most the passion put into maintaining its culinary mastery, there is nothing more important than fostering a team dedicated to serving perfection. 


Fumizen is located at No. 34 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City. For more information, check out its website here.


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