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Fun Facts About Eion Chua: The Chinoy Math Wiz Accepted to Harvard

Eion Chua, a Chinoy math wiz boy wonder, has been accepted to Harvard’s Class of 2025 through the early action program. The prodigy has competed and won in international math olympiads where he represented the Philippines. So what’s next for him? College and no less than one of the Ivy League Schools in the US!

Despite all his accomplishments, he keeps it pretty low-key, but here’s what we could find out:

  1. Eion is an International School Manila Scholar.
  2. When he was in the 4th grade, his first international competition brought him to China and he’s been competing ever since.
  3. He earned a perfect score in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Yup. PERFECT.
  4. Eion can play the saxophone and the piano.
  5. He is part of the Robotics Club and the Astronomy Club.
  6. Eion, along with some friends found the Mind movers, a UNESCO Philippines accredited club that teaches math and science to underprivileged youth.
  7. He hopes that his success in the STEM field encourages other teens to explore the field and those related to it.

Congratulations, Eion! We hope Harvard is ready for you!

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