Fun Facts About Pandas

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“The world isn’t black and white. All the magic is in the grey.” These are the famous words of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Well, he has obviously never met a panda.

A simple animal in simple colors. This bear is loved around the world but is native only to the mountains of China. While we love to coo and stare at these majestic creatures, the casual panda fan may not know a lot about the giant pandas.

Here are a few fun facts about pandas for you:

1. The pandas’ black and white coloring is camouflage!

The white patches on its large body help the pandas blend in during the snowy winters and the black patches look like shadows.

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2. Pandas are shy.

The evidence? Videos of panda cubs clinging on to the legs of zookeepers. Plus, in the wild, it’s because they don’t like venturing into areas where people live.

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3. These massive creatures are omnivores.

They are commonly seen munching on bamboo, and while pandas are 99% vegetarian, pandas also eat eggs, small animals, and carrion, which is the decaying flesh of an animal. They also forage in farmland for pumpkin, kidney beans, wheat, and domestic pig food to appease their digestive systems.

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4. Pandas eat a lot, and they eat fast.

They put away up to 12kg of bamboo a day, and they’ll eat for 10-16 hours!

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5. They need bamboo variety.

Different bamboo varieties have different flavors, and pandas can tell the difference! They need at least 2 different bamboo varieties to survive in the wild.

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6. All that food has got to go somewhere.

Look, pandas aren’t bottomless pits even though it seems that way sometimes. And what goes in must come out. They can poop up to 40 times in a single day! What? We said, fun facts, right?

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7. Acrobatic feats.

We know pandas are strange creatures, but did you know that they’ll sometimes do a handstand while they pee? Color us amazed!

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8. Two thumbs up?

They have an extended wrist bone that act like thumbs! It helps them grip on to bamboo.

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9. Not your average bear.

You’d expect these lazy animals to hibernate like every other creature, but no! During winter, they travel to lower, warmer parts of the mountain and continue to chomp on their beloved bamboo.

Source: Pixabay


10. Baby pandas!

Female pandas give birth to 1 or 2 panda cubs every two years. The baby pandas stay with their moms for 18 months before living independent lives.

Source: Unsplash


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