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Get to know: Sports Medicine Institute of Cardinal Santos Medical Center

With the effects of the pandemic slowing down and quarantine restrictions easing, one of the revitalized industries that benefited from this moderation of health protocols is the field of sports. Both athletes and fans alike can now rejoice after finally being able to play in their respective sports as leagues and playing venues are now slowly operating again.

With this revival, Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) continues with its promise of providing inclusive top quality medical care to all kinds of people and this includes our hard-working athletes. 

The CSMC Sports Medicine Institute is specifically designed to cater to the clinical needs of professional and recreational athletes. It is a culmination of different specialties of sports medicine and ties it with non-surgical approaches such as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The Sports Medicine Institute is headed by Dr. Edgar Michael Eufemio, who is also a nationally-renowned orthopedist. With his vast expertise in sports medicine and orthopedics, he is among the top trusted doctors of prominent athletic figures in the country, earning him the title as “doctor to the sports stars”.

According to Dr. Eufemio, there is an existing notion that the Sports Medicine Institute only services elite athletes but this should not be the case. “Actually, the design is to take care of professional athletes but the majority of the people we see are the common people like you and me. Anyone who is really set on exercising, taking care of their body, this is probably the best place for you,” he said.

The CSMC Sports Medicine Institute boasts of state-of-the-art equipment designed for treating all kinds of sports-related issues from inflammatory problems to neuromuscular problems. 

Dr. Eufemio and his sports medicine unit also promises to cut down recovery time for athletes to easily bounce back. The unit also emphasizes on the preventive aspects to ensure that injuries do not happen again.

Recognizing the effects of the pandemic on physical health especially among athletes, Dr. Eufemio says that it is normal to not be fully on your A-game as you were before the pandemic. “I think the biggest mistake would be coming in 100% right away. We have to gradually return to our sport or exercise routine,” he shared. 

The CSMC Sports Medicine Institute invites everyone to visit their clinic in pursuit of quality medical care centered on physical fitness and sports medicine. The Sports Medicine Institute welcomes everyone, whether athlete or not, as long as one has the desire to take care of the body and promote overall well being.

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