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Getting Married in Ghost Month? Here’s What You Need to do to Avoid Bad Luck

The seventh lunar month is known as ghost month, and it is during this month when the gates of hell open from the first to the thirtieth day. This Yin-dominated era is appropriate for burning incense candles and paper money to honor ancestors and the departed. As a result, Chinese people, particularly the elder generation, think that ghost month is fraught with taboos. It is not suitable for weddings, relocating, breaking ground, house relocation, and so forth.

In terms of numerology, there is no big abnormal shift in cosmic magnetic field and astrology in the seventh lunar month, nor is there the development of a particularly unfortunate magnetic field. However, in terms of common sense, the departed must be honored. The seventh lunar month has a somber mood of remembering ancestors and lamenting the departed. Weddings are disrespectful to the departed and would greatly upset people who loved the deceased. If you must have the wedding during ghost month, pay special attention to specific taboos and consider your relatives and friends:

1. For brides, wear pink or pastel-colored gowns

Brides marrying in the seventh lunar month should wear pink or pastel yellow gowns rather than brilliant red or pure white since bright red attracts envious female ghosts and white invites malevolent spirits. If the brides or grooms become unwell on their wedding day as a result of this, it will be detrimental to their future.

2. Weep softly

Traditionally, when the bride leaves her parents’ house, the louder she sobs, the better. However, a bride marrying during ghost month should cry gently to not attract spirits or harm her parents’ health. Children sobbing or shouting in the auditorium is also unlucky.

3. Midday weddings are recommended and do not kill any insects

The wedding reception should be held at midday rather than in the evening. Do not grab or kill any dragonflies or butterflies even if they happen to fly into your meal. Otherwise, the spirit could pay the new pair a visit.

4. No teasing or dim lights

On the wedding night, friends and family should not joke about the newlyweds. The newlyweds’ home should be as bright as possible, and candles should be avoided for romance.

5. Avoid taking pictures by the water

During ghost month, new couples should avoid taking pictures near the water and wrap up the event before dark. This also holds true for the leap seventh lunar month.

6. Avoid celebrating on August 1st, 15th, and 30th

As mentioned previously, the wedding dinner in the leap seventh lunar month should be conducted at midday since seniors are reluctant to go out in the evening in the seventh lunar month. Also, avoid the 1st, 15th, and 30th of this month because every household will be busy preparing for worship on those days.

7. Reschedule the wedding to the eight lunar month

If the marriage license has been received but the wedding is scheduled for the seventh lunar month or the leap seventh lunar month, it is suggested to reschedule it for the eighth lunar month to avoid future conflict. In truth, the wedding taboos in ghost month are only a reminder to people to be more attentive and cautious. The “ghosts” will not be provoked as long as respect and kindness are offered. 

8. Avoid mentioning the word ‘ghost’ during your wedding

Last but not the least, to avert ill luck, the word “ghost” should not be spoken during a wedding during ghost month.

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