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‘Ghost Month’: 5 ways to ward off bad juju

Ah, August. For the Western zodiac, it’s Leo season, for children, it’s their health and safety month but for the Chinese, it’s the infamous ‘Ghost Month’.

Widely practiced all over the world, the Chinese ‘Ghost Month’ is that time of the year when hungry ghosts and spirits walk the earth among humans, bringing with them misfortune and bad luck wherever they go.

Whether you believe in these roaming spirits or not, it wouldn’t hurt to practice these five ways of warding off bad luck and keeping yourself unscathed during this spooky Chinese season.

1. Make sure your home is well-lit

If you watch a lot of scary movies, you would see one common characteristic among them: it’s always dark. The lack of light does not only give you the creeps, it is also said to attract bad spirits. 

Turn on the lights at your home. It may cost you a bit more in electricity but it’s definitely a price worth paying to ward off the bad juju.

2. Avoid going to ‘Yin’ places

In accordance with the Yin Yang, the ‘yin’ places represent places where there are relatively higher negative energies and an overall feeling of hardship, worry and anxiety. This includes places such as hospitals, cemeteries, and graveyards. 

Going to such places is already generally worry-inducing, but even more so during the Ghost Month as these places make you more vulnerable to encountering bad spirits.

3. Burn incense

Although traditional as this may be, burning incense is a way of showing good will towards these spirits bearing bad luck. Some even burn paper money to further appease the spirits and give them offerings in exchange for directing their negative energy elsewhere.

4. Wear protection charms

There are various protection charms you can use such as amulets and bracelets that can radiate positive energy and combat negative aura from the spirits. 

It is also said that Ghost Month is a time of instability, especially when it comes to people’s emotions. Wearing charms can help you control your emotions, maintain a friendly composure and lessen chances of outbursts and broken relationships.

5. Don’t forget to pray

Nothing beats a powerful prayer. Whatever your religion may be, a prayer is always a good way to ward the bad spirits away. 

As taught by feng shui expert Master Ang, prayers are among the best ways to attract good energy your way, so do not forget to pray at least once a day. This has always been good advice, whether it’s the Ghost Month or not.

With these five helpful tips from Chinese feng shui experts, practice them to repel negative energy that these spooky spirits might bring your way this upcoming Ghost Month!

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