Ghost Month Fashion Don’ts: Unlucky Fits to Avoid

We’re smack dab in the middle of Ghost Month, so it shouldn’t be surprising to scroll through a bunch of articles telling you all the things that you aren’t allowed to do during this unlucky period. All of this, of course, is prepared for good reason. You wouldn’t want to attract the ire of a wandering spirit because you’ve done something you knew nothing about! 

As it turns out, your OOTDs are also one of the things that you have to pay some attention to. In order to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself and anger some visiting ghosts with your inauspicious fashion choices, check out our tips on what not to wear during the rest of Ghost Month: 


1. Red or Black Clothing

Although red is normally considered to be lucky, it is also the color that ghosts favor the most. If you wear this romantic hue, you’ll probably end up catching the eye of every spirit in the room — and not in a good way! Aside from this, since red is the color of blood, it might stir up some unwanted emotions and memories that would disturb dangerous spirits. 

Black, on the other hand, is typically known to be an inauspicious color due to its negative energy. So even though you’ll probably look cute in that little black dress, we recommend that you wait until after the Ghost Month is over to put it on. Trust us. You don’t want those vibes. 


2. Single-Toned Outfits

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t wear white, but if your outfit is completely white, then the nearby spirits might start thinking that you’re actually one of them. Sometimes, however, we understand that some fits are just not avoidable. In this case, be sure to bring in more color by adding some silver and gold accessories to balance out all that negative energy. 


3. Revealing Clothes

Spirits aren’t only hungry for food. Some lecherous ghosts may also keep an eye out for your body. This is why revealing clothes aren’t advisable during Ghost Month. 

Another reason why revealing clothes are not ideal is because of the Buddhist belief that spiritual flames sit atop one’s head and shoulders. If your shoulders are bare, someone may accidentally snuff your flames out, leaving you vulnerable to spiritual possession. 


4. Wedding Attire

In the first place, you shouldn’t even be holding a wedding on Ghost Month. Wearing wedding dresses or suits during this time will make nearby ghosts green with envy! We’re guessing that you wouldn’t want them to wreak havoc on your special day, so be sure to avoid flaunting it. 


5. Tattered Clothing

Now is not the time to slip on your favorite ripped jeans — or any clothes with unnecessary rips and holes, for that matter. Although we understand that it can be a fashion statement, the ghosts certainly won’t! Basically, tattered clothes make you look like a “poor ghost,” making them accept you as one of their own. 


6. High Heels

We’re sorry to say that high heels are yet another fashion classic that we’ll have to temporarily say goodbye to. Although wearing heels can make you taller, that added elevation can actually make you more vulnerable to ghostly possessions. Basically, wearing heels might result in spirits wearing you! 


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