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Ghost Month Tips: What should you do if you need to move into a new home

Sometimes you just can’t afford to put your life on pause. 

Maybe you’re a bit worried now. Social media, after all, has been warning you the past few days very specifically to not purchase a new house during the inauspicious period of August 8 to September 6 — or the seventh lunar month of the year. Ghost Month has arrived, and it would be very unlucky to tempt the spirits that have gone wandering astray. 

Despite this, however, life must move on. The house must be bought. Since there’s no other way around it, why not take that extra precaution by following these tips to invite a little more luck into your new abode?


1. Investigate the location and history of your new property

If you must buy a new house during Ghost Month, make sure to find a place that doesn’t attract negative energy. This means looking into the history of your new home. If there were any occupants, were they happy? Did any unfortunate tragedies such as divorce and death occur within the space? The past of your new property may very well affect your future, so be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into. 

Aside from history, location is also a prime factor for determining your domestic fortunes. Dead ends and cul-de-sacs, for example, are not ideal since energy may accumulate in that area and harm future occupants. Although there is a chance that the energy being gathered may actually be positive, you won’t want to take the chance that is not.

Another thing you should avoid is proximity to places with sha chi or “killing chi.” This means that you shouldn’t consider places that are near cemeteries, prisons, or hospitals. You must also try to ensure that your new home isn’t on a path that invites negativity. Street intersections, church steeples, and tall buildings facing the property are just some of the poisonous arrows which may direct negative energy into your home if you’re not careful.  


2. Avoid the need to do any major reconstruction work

Maybe you’re just moving into an already furnished house or a new condo. In this case, you won’t have to do much heavy construction work, which would attract spirits with all of its noise and furious activity. Do be sure, however, to check if you need to make adjustments to your property’s light fixtures and color scheme. If there’s one thing that brings the spirits in, it’s the dark. 


Bare units in Azure South.


In this case, it’s best to repair that faulty light bulb and accessorize or repaint those dark walls. Bright colors such as red, yellow, white, green are just some examples that would liven up your living space. You will want to avoid black and other similar shades because they would create spaces for spirits to hide in. 


3. Stock up on lucky items and good luck charms

Not only are you buying a new home, but you are also moving into it. If you ever find yourself in this situation in Ghost Month, you might want to keep a couple of items that would ward off hungry spirits. It is highly recommended, for example, to keep some glutinous rice and rock salt in your pantry.

Glutinous rice is often said to be lucky because of its stickiness. Some say that it invites good fortune by making it stick to you while others insist that it symbolizes strong family ties and unity. Meanwhile, salt, which is best kept in pouches or spread across the entrance of the home, is believed to invite good karma while protecting the house against spirits that would want to wander in. 

Aside from these food items, religious items such as holy relics are also a good deterrent against evil spirits. 


4. Pray and stay positive 

According to feng shui expert Master Ang, there is nothing more effective in warding off spirits than through prayer since it allows one to be more positive. Maintaining a clean heart and conscience, as well as a hopeful state of mind, is already one way to avoid the misfortunes caused by ill-intentioned ghosts. This is because such spirits feed on those who spark negativity and foster wrongdoing. 

Despite it being Ghost Month, there are times when the best way to invite positivity in your life is to make that drastic change you need in your lifestyle. For instance, why not get away from all that hustle-and-bustle stress by settling in a home that allows you to live your best self? 


Azure South’s residential buildings surrounding the man-made beach.


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