Meet ‘Glam-mas,’ your not-so-typical amas

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Lin Wei, Wang Xinghuo, Sun Yang, and Wang Nianwen (the glamorous grandmas or ‘glam-mas‘) are four women over 60 who are breaking that stereotypical image of an ama. They are the ‘Queens’ of rocking different streetwear styles, taking over the Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) world of fashion in Beijing. 

According to Reuters, these women, who are retired models, met in a modeling training course. Their styles broke the internet in China last year, and we can’t deny it.

Screenshot from Tiktok | @fasion_grannies 

People can’t help but admire them, so much so that the video of them walking in the busy streets of Sanlitun “was viewed more than 50 million times in a day.” They also have over a million followers in Douyin.

Screenshot from Tiktok | @fasion_grannies 

What we can learn from these glam-mas is that age does not define us. Lin Wei explained to Reuters, “Your life is grey if you are always afraid of aging and death.” Indeed, these glam-mas showed us that we should not be bound by our age as we can still have fun with style as we grow older.


*Cover photo from Xinhuanet

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