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Globaltronics Launches Solution For Social Distancing

To help manage crowd control regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic, technology companies Philips and Bosch collaborated to launch PeopleCount, a social distancing solution for public and commercial spaces, with Globaltronics distributing it across the country.

PeopleCount utilizes Bosch’s intelligence cameras to help detect and monitor people entering and leaving an area or space. The results are displayed on a Philips display that signals people via a traffic light system when they can enter or leave the premises depending on the number of people allowed inside. Bosch Philippines Sales Manager Alfred Alea explained that the setup can be managed using an application, and does not require any prior hardware, software, or internet connection to work. The PeopleCount is ideal for malls, offices, and terminals due to its accessibility and its successful test runs.

PeopleCount uses three outputs – a Bosch intelligent camera, a Philips SoC display, and an Android app. Screenshot taken from Philips’ Youtube.

Globaltronics CEO William Guido shared that as lives and businesses are disrupted by COVID, there are opportunities for businesses to evolve through technology. Rob Fowler, APAC Sales Director at Philips, described Philips’ long history of products that are part of everyday life. He explained that through innovations such as their collaboration with Bosch on PeopleCount, they could provide solutions to help the public through developing new technology to assist in social distancing and providing them at an affordable price.

Rea Manalili, Globaltronics Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, emphasized the importance of technology in the security and safety of people and their surroundings, saying, “Choosing a simple solution with advanced, integrated features will be instrumental in helping merchants and establishment owners revive their businesses with confidence. Timothy Lee, Globaltronics Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, noted that we are in a new age of digital innovation where technology is valued in a time where there are so many disruptions due to the pandemic.

Rowena Bonifacio, country sales director of Bosch Philippines, shared, “As more businesses reopen, maintaining safe distancing, especially in public areas, is the utmost concern for any premise owner. PeopleCount is a solution that helps business owners implement safe distancing measures without having to change their current systems.” She noted that this was a solution that has minimum investment, is easy to deploy and to use, is customer-friendly, and able to record data.

PeopleCount signals to waiting people when they can enter a public space. Screenshot taken from Bosch’s Youtube.

Three packages for PeopleCount are currently being offered at discounted prices. All packages include Philips high-definition screen, top-quality Bosch camera with software and bracket, and installation services. Package A comes with a 10-inch screen and wall bracket and costs P72,000. Package B contains a 24-inch screen and wall bracket and costs P93,000. Package C comes with a 50-inch screen and stand and costs P177,000. These prices will remain until October 15.

Globaltronics, Bosch, and Philips introduced the product’s launch through the free webinar, PeopleCount for Businesses in the Next Normal, on September 24, 2020. Follow their Facebook page and for more updates. Head on over to Globaltronics’ Youtube channel to watch a replay of the webinar!

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