Going global: Home Buddies selected for Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021

When Facebook officially announced the selected participants for this year’s Community Accelerator Program, it was one of Chinoy creative Frances Lim Cabatuando’s proudest achievements as Home Buddies—a homegrown Facebook group she spearheaded—has been chosen among the 131 groups. 

Who would have thought that simply wanting to form a virtual group to share Frances’ experiences of creating a home would result in a community with over two million and nine members, and now, a participant of a global community program? Frances and the rest of the Home Buddies members prove that the possibilities become endless when people of the same interests come together.

“We are proud to share that Home Buddies has been selected to participate in the 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator, a program that helps leaders harness the power of their community to turn impactful ideas into action. Over 130 participants across nine regions have been selected to participate. And we’re proud to be the biggest community from APAC, if not the world,” the Chinoy founder of Home Buddies proudly announced.

The Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021 is an eight-month-long program that provides selected community leaders of Facebook groups with training, mentorship, and funding for an initiative that extends their community’s impact. 

“We’re excited for the opportunity to learn, grow and scale our impact! So we could be better leaders for our online barangay, and so we can inspire and help more Filipinos to achieve their dream homes and lives,” Frances added. 

According to Facebook, selected community leaders will spend the first five months learning from experts, coaches, and a customized curriculum so they can organize and strengthen their community to work better together. Lessons include community identity foundations, leading action-oriented communities, and sustainability.

Through the said program, Facebook will be awarding over $7M in funding to Accelerator participants to support work that advances their communities’ goals. 

“I’ve been keeping this to myself for months now, and I’m super happy to finally let you guys in on the secret! Congratulations to us, Home Buddies! More blessings to come!” Frances ended.

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