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Have you already seen any of these 10 must-watch 2020 C-dramas?

2020 is coming to an end. Have you finished watching the most noteworthy C-dramas from this year? Featuring Jerry Yan’s drama comeback, and a few more Chinese adaptations from novels and Taiwanese dramas, here’s a list of 2020 C-dramas to add to your bucket list!

1. Forget You Remember Love (忘记你,记得爱情)

This Chinese adaption of Taiwanese drama Prince Turns to Frog is about an ordinary girl who rescued a browbeaten CEO who has lost his memories. Ye Qianyu takes Shan Junhao into her house and took care of him. The two grew closer together but the thought of Shan recovering and leaving her pains her.


2. My Love, Enlighten Me (暖暖请多指教)

Looking for something that will make you laugh until you’re out of breath? Then this RomCom drama is for you! It is about a 22-year-old pop star who was forced to reinvent herself after her group disbanded on the night of their debut. Although she had faced a lot of challenges in her life, will she be able to melt the icy heart of an engineer?


3. Skate Into Love (冰糖炖雪梨)

Adapted from the novel Jiu Xiao Qi this youth drama is about the life of a love-hate couple who has known each other since early childhood. This is not your typical sports drama because the story highlights the challenges and difficulties in the field of ice sports.


4. My Girl (99分女朋友)

If you love to watch light and fun drama, then My Girl is a must! As a child, Meng Hui suffered from a terrible accident causing a huge scar on her face. Because of the damage and the trauma, she suffered a dissociative identity disorder that causes her to switch personalities each time she goes through stress. When she grew up, she met a guy, Shen Yi, and later on, found out how they are connected.


5. First Romance ( 初恋了那么多年)

From the title itself, this drama is about the couple’s first romance! This 24-episode long drama shows how an inexperienced couple faces the challenges of being in a relationship.


6. Symphony’s Romance (蜗牛与黄鹂鸟)

This is a story of a talented musician who was suffering from severe childhood trauma and an extraordinary pianist who has an odd and weird personality. The two eventually spend more time together, slowly recovering from their respective traumas.


7. The Best of You in My Mind (全世界最好的你)

From the novel Cream- Flavored Unrequited Love by Zhu Yi, this modern-day college drama focuses on how Lin Xichi and Xu Fang started from being childhood friends and eventually ending up as lovers. If you like a heartwarming and realistic drama, this one is for you!


8. In a Class of Her Own (漂亮书生)

This drama is the Chinese adaptation of Sungkyunkwan Scandal where Wen Xi dressed up as a guy to help pay for their family’s debt and her brother’s medicines. She then met the Prime Minister’s son who was deeply impressed with her work and wanted her to join the Yun Shang Academy. She had no choice but to continue disguising herself as a boy because being a scholar has a lot of benefits and she can learn at the same time.


9. You are My Destiny (你是我的命中注定)

From the Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You, this drama is much fresher and has lesser evil schemes from the original story. This is not your typical ‘marriage by accident’ drama because the couple was ‘accidentally married’!


10. Count Your Lucky Stars (我好喜欢你)

The sensational Jerry Yan and ever-adorable Shen Yue in one drama?! Even with a huge age gap, both of them had nailed their roles. In the world of fashion, legendary Lu Xing Cheng is known for his impeccable taste and discerning eyes. On the other hand, Ting Xiao You is an unknown fashion designer who has a never-ending string of bad luck. Fate suddenly brought the two together and had their luck totally switched!

Have you watched any of these dramas? Let us know your top 2020 C-dramas below!

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