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Health Secrets of Chinese Celebrities Revealed!

The pandemic really changed the lives of many, especially with regard to staying healthy. Having learned the hard way, every one of us is now aware that wellness should be our first and foremost priority. And there are a lot of ways to stay fit and healthy indoors! 

Here are some legendary Chinese celebrities and their health regimens: 


1. “Discipline” – Jackie Chan

We all know this legendary man as a famous actor, martial arts artist, singer, comedian, and film director. But behind his on-screen prowess, he started his training at a very young age. He was only 8 years old when he realized that we wanted to be a fighting expert. And up until this day, he continues to live life healthily. 

He jogs 3-5 miles every morning, which keeps his stamina going all throughout the day since running is a great cardio workout. But aside from this, he also follows a strict workout plan and a diet plan. His food intake is mostly low in fat, carbs, and sodium and high in protein. Whenever cheat days happen, he follows them through with punishments. Discipline is something that this martial arts master does not compromise on.


2. “Make it a Hobby” – Lucy Liu

This angel didn’t stop being one, even at 52! This Hollywood actress is most well-known for the film series “Charlie’s Angel” and frankly she still looks like one.  Her body is any mom’s goal. She keeps slim by also having a strict diet. Whenever she eats out in a restaurant, she chooses either sushi or grilled fish. She also likes soybean sprouts and seaweed, another favorite menu. She prefers an organic and gluten-free diet. 

And as for her workout regime, she does reformer Pilates and swims for 45 minutes every single day. She admits that this activity of hers is what really keeps her in shape. Talk about turning a hobby into a workout regime! 


3. “Keep it Simple” – Awkwafina

Nora Lum, or famously known as Awkwafina, is an American actress, comedian, and television host among many other things. For those of you who have seen the iconic movie Crazy Rich Asians, she plays the optimistic best friend of the protagonist, named Peik Lin. Most recently, she also voiced the titular dragon in Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon.

As she has a role in the Marvel film Shang Chi, she tried the Keto diet. “I didn’t eat bread for a day. And sugar,” she says in an interview.

Although, she admitted that the “keto life” didn’t work for her so much, and decided to keep her diet simple by replacing unhealthy snacks with organic ones, like almonds, avocado, and watermelon as her healthy go-to’s when she needs something to munch. 


4. “Self-Care is a must” – Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan is a co-star of Awkwafina in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and plays the empowered and classy Astrid. Chan is based in the UK and started her career in 2006 in a horror mini-series. But she’s had quite iconic projects since, being part of the Harry Potter franchise as well in the movie Fantastic Beasts and in the Marvel hit Captain Marvel

How does a busy woman like her stay fit and healthy? In an interview with Vogue Magazine, she admits that being in the middle of this pandemic has made it difficult for many to take care of themselves. “I think what helped was trying to find some sort of structure to the day,” She says, pertaining to her self-care routine. But she makes it a point to have a 10-15 minute set of sun salutations and Pilates-based core work. For her diet, especially during her shoots, she makes sure to have the right amount of food intake but also to take peppermint tea in between breaks.

“Instead of normal tea, I’ve started drinking peppermint and green throughout the day – they’re more soothing. I graze on nuts and fruit from my set bag,” she notes.

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