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Health Secrets of Chinoy Celebrities Revealed!

Amid the pandemic, taking care of your health is more important than ever. While we’re still under community lockdown, we can be inspired by Chinoy celebrities and their health regimens.

Here are some of their health advice and routines that we can also do at home:


1. “Work out.” -Kim Chiu

The beloved Chinita Princess Kim Chiu emphasized the importance of working out, most especially during the pandemic. Personally, she works out three hours a day, six times a week.

In an Instagram post, she shared that when the lockdown started, she simply exercised with a jump rope, challenging herself and her followers to do 1,000 jumps a day. She admitted that her intention was purely to lessen any extra fat and to strengthen her body. As someone who has asthma, she also wanted to help strengthen her lungs, most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. “Eat healthily.” – Heart Evangelista

When it comes to keeping herself healthy, Chinay actress and entrepreneur Heart Evangelista shared that her secret is choosing to eat and prepare healthy recipes that offer nourishment and sustainability. 

She made a vlog post about cooking a healthier take on pasta called, Pili Tuna Pasta. Fond of both pili and pasta, she recreated the recipe to encourage her viewers to eat healthier, just as she does. 

As you already know, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and of course, sometimes, healthy food can get a little boring so I like to spice things up a bit and make interesting dishes like this! Hope you all can recreate this dish!” she wrote together with her vlog post.


3. “Eat moderately.” -Xian Lim

To help maintain his great physique, Xian Lim set up a home gym and does his own workout routine, “The Spartan Workout.” He  calls it best exercise for the new normal.

The vlog shows Xian, guided by his coach, practicing exercises that can be done with objects found in a garden. Among these exercises are the tire flip, ball throw, burpees, rope slam, bucket squat, and a lot more.


4. “Discipline yourself, and go the natural way.” -Richard Yap

At 53 years old, Chinoy actor and entrepreneur Richard Yap is looking as good as ever! He is one of the most-known Chinoy celebrities that don’t seem to age at all as a result of the healthy lifestyle that they lead. For Yap, one of the ways he achieves this is by working out.

When asked about his secrets to staying fit and healthy during the Thermage launch, he stated that discipline is key to living a healthier life and getting better results. He shared that aside from eating healthy and working out regularly, self-discipline is the most important because it allows you to achieve your goals. “On weekdays, I still have a diet. I take low-calorie meals and then cheat days ko are my weekends. And, of course, you still have to take vitamins — Vitamin C, multivitamins,” he said.

Regarding cosmetic surgery, he shared, “As much as possible, I think, I’d go for the natural way— mga non-invasive lang if ever, and kung kaya ng workout and diet, yun na muna.”

He also admitted to having always been conscious of his appearance, which was a result of growing up with six sisters who encouraged him to take care of his skin. “If they go to the derma, they also tell me what’s good for my skin, so it was a habit for me already since I was in college,” he said.


5. “Drink water, get enough sleep, focus on your hygiene.” -Kris Aquino

The Queen of All Media emphasizes the importance of sleep, stating how it’s the key to productivity and wellness. On an episode of her show, she also revealed that upon the advice of her doctors, she eats black rice for her health, particularly to help address her high blood pressure at the time.

On Instagram, she recently shared that she does yoga regularly. But when her autoimmune disease acts up and she can’t do vigorous workouts, she revealed that she plans to do a few breathing exercises and morning meditation. After a stressful activity or day, she also likes to soak in the bathtub with diluted essential oils.

On her YouTube channel, she even shared her nighttime routine, which she takes very seriously. “I really am a believer in wellness. We also know, di ba, na it’s not just me staying healthy. I have to look good,” she said. “I have to stay healthy. And you already know my health issues. You gotta take care of yourself. It’s not gonna happen if you don’t take the right steps.”


6. “Love yourself and rest.” -Gretchen Ho

Broadcaster Gretchen Ho stresses the importance of self-love. She also emphasizes taking into consideration one’s mental health as both physical and mental are interrelated. Both have to be taken care of to avoid one from affecting the other. 

Last September 2020, she posted a workout video that featured simple and basic exercises that can be done at home. She started out by doing a cardio exercise, such as running, to warm up. She followed this with conditioning exercises, such as 10-15 squats while holding dumbbells, as well as lunges. She shared her favorite exercises are the workouts for the arms, such as the bent over dumbbell rows and chest press.

“In today’s new normal, it’s important that we protect ourselves from catching infectious diseases by staying at home,” she wrote in her video’s caption. “But, staying at home doesn’t mean that you cannot stay fit and healthy. Remember, taking care of our bodies is our best protection against sickness.”

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