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Helpful Tips for Decorating Your Home with Plants and Flowers

There are many ways of expressing your creativity and your personality in designing your home. And one of the best options is adding plants to your space. 

We talked to Merryl Ngo-Dee, co-owner of Fig & Vine, a floral studio business, for helpful tips on plant décor and arrangements that are great for any occasion, home setting, and personality.


Plants for new “plantitos” and “plantitas”

During the lockdown, many people have become “plantitos” and “plantitas.” However, having a plant in your own home isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes extreme care and involves a lot of time.

Most people tend to have the misconception of treating the plant as an ornament simply to display at home. According to Dee, it’s best to remember that plants are living creatures that must be taken care of. Despite busy schedules, it’s important to allocate enough time to make sure that the plant is well taken care of so it will grow and thrive. 

Dee shared that even though there are plants that require less maintenance, they still need to be well taken care of. She suggests the Monstera and Chinese Evergreen, to name a few. 


Fig & Vine floral arrangement

Decorating your home with florals and plants

Once you have decided to invest your time in taking care of a plant at home, the next thing you must consider is your home’s interior and setting — from examining your personal style to the home’s temperature levels for the best conditions for the plant.

Dee advised that when a home interior is filled with white walls, it’s best to buy plants and pots that are colorful. And similarly, when the interior walls are colorful, then it’s advisable to choose plants that are muted to balance things out. Although the homeowner can deviate from that and create their own aesthetic, it’s still important to consider that the plant has enough place and sunlight to grow.

Dee also shared two plants that would may be good additions to a Chinoy household: the Lucky Bamboo plant and the Fortune plant, which comes in multiple sizes and could help make the ambiance of the room more cheerful. 


Styling the dining table for intimate celebrations

Plants also create a more welcoming ambiance for guests and festivities as they can reflect the season and timely celebrations, such as New Year and more. 

If you plan to use plants or flowers as centerpieces on dining tables, consider what best fits the occasion and the dining area. Also look for plants that don’t have a smell that might affect the appetite of the guests. 


Fig & Vine has expert in-house florists and designers who can help choose the plant that best fits your home. If you’re interested, you can contact them here

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