Here Are 8 Special Mooncakes That You Can’t Miss Out On!

Our favorite autumn holiday has finally arrived, and what better way to spend it than by feasting on some truly one-of-a-kind mooncakes? To be sure, nothing will ever take away our fondness for classics such as the double yolk lotus seed mooncake, but for those wanting something a little more modern and fun in their mid-autumn treats this year, why not check out our special mooncake recs below!


Ube (Multiple)

If you want to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival the Chinoy way, then this is probably the best mooncake for you! After all, isn’t filling a traditional Chinese pastry with the uniquely Filipino flavor of ube the perfect marriage between our two cultures?

Eng Bee Tin’s Premium Ube Mooncake


Where to Buy: Eng Bee Tin’s Ube Mooncake in Can (P210.00), Polland Mooncake Ube with 1 Egg (P170.00)


Triple Chocolate (Eng Bee Tin)

If we can have chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake, why can’t we have choco mooncakes? Going well and beyond for the cause, Eng Bee Tin offers a decadent treat that incorporates three different chocolate textures with its cocoa-infused mooncake skin, chocolate bean paste, and oozing fudgy center. 

Eng Bee Tin’s Triple Chocolate Lava Mooncake


Where to Buy: Triple Chocolate Lava Mooncake in Cake (P235.00)


XO Floss Mooncake (Eng Bee Tin)

Have you ever tried eating a savory mooncake? Jam packed with the rich flavors and flossy goodness of Lee Kum Kee’s XO Sauce, this limited edition item offers a unique umami blend that’s sure to keep you wanting for more. 

Eng Bee Tin’s XO Sauce and Floss Mooncake


Where to Buy: Premium XO Floss Mooncake in Can (P250.00)


Durian (Multiple)

Don’t be afraid! While this aromatic tropical fruit isn’t for everyone, we can’t deny that durian mooncakes deserve a spot on this list for their creamy and luscious flavors. 

EDSA Shangri-La Manila’s Durian Mooncakes.


Where to Buy: Eng Bee Tin’s Premium Durian Mooncake (P225.00), EDSA Shangri-La Manila’s Durian Mooncake (P388.00)


Pandan with Taro Black Gold Charcoal (Conrad Manila)

If a black gold pandan mooncake doesn’t sound cool enough on its own, you’ll be happy to find out this is just one of four unique flavors that Conrad Manila has to offer in their Lunar Prosperity set. Packed in sets of four, the delicacy can also be purchased in flavors such as red bean (with single egg), white lotus (with single egg), and chocolate orange. 

Conrad Manila’s Lunar Prosperity (Coral) Set


Where to Buy: Lunar Prosperity (Coral) (P5,888.00) , Lunar Prosperity (Periwinkle) (P5,888.00)


Teochew-style (Solaire)

Those wanting to change up their mooncake game might want to try this! What makes a Teochew-style mooncake so special is the puffy flakiness of its exterior — a marked difference from the regular smooth and engraved skin of a typical mooncake. Beyond that, those craving for more flavorful finds would be pleased to know that Solaire also offers the set in two unique flavors: ube and taro. 

Solaire’s Teochew-style mooncakes (Box of 6) (P3,888.00)


Where to Buy: Box of 2 (P2,888.00), Box of 6 (P3,888.00), Box of 8 (P4,888.00)


Lava Custard (Hong Kong MX)

It’s impossible for us to continue writing this list without including Hong Kong MX’s Lava Custard mooncakes! Providing luxury with every bite, these heavenly delights make use of the finest ingredients, blending French butter, coconut cream, and salted egg yolks together to create an indulgent filling that you won’t ever forget. 

Hong Kong MX’s Lava Custard Mooncakes


Where to Buy: Lava Custard Mooncake 8 pcs. (P2,700.00)


Spider-Man Tokachi Red Bean (Hong Kong MX)

If there’s one thing that can make Hong Kong MX mooncakes even more iconic than they already are, it’s Spider-Man. Engraved with the Marvel superhero’s spider suit logo, these character mooncakes are as delicious as they are cute, filled with an exquisitely sweet paste made of Tokachi Red Beans from Hokkaido. 

Hong Kong MX’s Marvel Spider-Man Mooncake


Where to Buy: MX Spider Mooncake 4 pcs. (P1,950.00)


Want to learn more about the mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn Festival? Check our article here!

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