Here’s all you need to know about Chinoy-owned Issy & Co.’s newest skincare line

Homegrown makeup brand Issy & Co.—since its launch—has become synonymous with all the good things we look for in makeup: thoughtful, good-for-you formulations; extensive shades and variants that are inclusive and adaptable to different skin types and skin tones; and most of all, products that are fun and easy to apply and use in multiple ways.

“Like [what] we said right from the very start, we’ve always wanted to be the beauty brand we wished we had growing up,” recalls Issy & Co. co-founder and creative director Joel Andrade. “And to this day, we strive to be that makeup brand that understands what you need and want—and we make sure that no one gets left behind.” 

And so it comes naturally for Issy & Co.—founded by Chinoy entrepreneur Jasmine Ang—to finally introduce its skincare line dubbed as Skincare for Cool Folks. 

Skincare for Cool Folks introduces the Booster Serum and the Cleansing Butter, an immediate response to the brand’s extensive makeup line. “It’s the two products you need to have for you to build a solid pre- and post-makeup routine,” says Andrade. 

“When it comes to basic skincare, we thought about what would be the two most essential items: a product made from good ingredients to prep and protect the skin barrier—which is the Booster Serum; and a product to remove all your makeup and grime at the end of the day—and that’s what the Cleansing Butter is for,” he explains. 

“The Booster Serum is a makeup and skincare hybrid product that you can use as is—a skincare to use at night or in your daytime routine, or you can use it as a nourishing serum to layer under your makeup,” he adds. “Not all serums sit well under makeup, but all four variants of our newest release can!” 

The Booster Serum, which is P599 each, has four variants: the Multi-Nourishing Drops, which has a medley of extracts from the edelweiss flower, sea daffodil, and seawater algae combined with key active ingredients to recharge skin and give antioxidant protection fully; the Hydrating & Soothing Drops, which has a combination of beta-glucan, peptides, and gold leaves skin fresh and supple; the Refining & Clarifying Drops, which contain rapeseed oil and licorice root extract that helps minimize blemishes and improve skin texture; and the Serum Balancing Drops, which has lactic acid, kaolin clay, and zinc gluconate, to help keep excess oil at bay. 

Mult-Nourishing Drops

Hydrating & Soothing Drops

Refining & Clarifying Drops

 Serum Balancing Drops

“Another bonus is that you can layer the Booster Serums together,” says Andrade. There’s no limit to its use—add a few drops to your concealer for a tinted serum, or to a cream blush for a liquid serum blush. “We made sure to make the formulation fool-proof so you can easily pair our serums together. Combine them to get a well-rounded concoction best suited for your skin type and needs,” he suggests. 

The Cleansing Butter, a do-it-all melting balm, is specially made for double-cleansing. “For skincare beginners and newbie makeup users, we want them to get into the habit of double cleansing,” he notes. “Whether or not you’ve spent the day with makeup on, you wouldn’t want to go straight to your foaming cleanser or beauty bar—melt off all the waterproof SPF, grime, dirt, and makeup residue with our Cleansing Butter first!” 

The Cleansing Butter, which is P549 each, comes in two variants: the Nourishing Melt for people with normal skin types sensitive skin and the Calming Melt for sensitive skin. “Most cleansing balms in the market are only available in one variant, or the brands that offer more than one kind usually just change the scent without really changing the formulation,” points out Andrade. “In our case, we wanted to go the extra mile and formulate another variant to address specific skin types and concerns,” he says. 

Nourishing Melt

Calming Melt

“While formulating, my own experience also led me to realize how most cleansing balms ‘harden’ when rinsed off with tap water instead of warm water,” he shares. “In my case, it would be difficult to rinse off around my beard. So we decided we wanted to make a fuss-free formulation that’s easy to use and apply and melts away easily with tap water—no need to use warm water when rinsing off!” 

Andrade concludes, “our new collection, Skincare for Cool Folks, is like our love language to you—a gentle reminder that it’s cool to care for yourself and your skin, and everyone should have access to easy-to-use skincare products to do so.”

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