Here’s what to expect in this month’s Modern Tao Ke 

Christmas is just around the corner! And what better time of the year to present inspirational content than December, just before we start a new, fresh year? 

This is why CHiNOY TV and Globe Business provide three exciting programs to support local MSMEs or “Tao Kes” this holiday season.

Gift local, love local

One of the exciting things to look forward to every December is the act of gift-giving. Of course, it’s usually stressful to beat the holiday rush in buying gifts, but with Globe Business’ Gift Local, gifting is made easy. 

Gift Local is an annual brand awareness campaign of Globe Business that is timed during the Christmas holidays to strengthen further that Globe Business is the trusted business partner of MSMEs.

By buying some gift bundles through Gift Local, you’ll get to support our local SMEs this Christmas and let the joy you give to your loved ones allow business owners to thrive in their chosen ventures as well.

CHiNOY TV and Globe Business presents three programs focusing on social enterprises or MSMEs that support local communities and sell products made from sustainability practices.

Modern Tao Ke Podcast

The first one will be the Modern Tao Ke, a business podcast show by CHiNOY TV Podcast, which is meant to inspire and encourage business owners and consumers alike. This is a four-episode podcast show that will feature fellow business owners or Tao Kes where they share stories of digitalization while also being able to create social impact in the community. 

Modern Tao Ke Fair

The second activity will be the Modern Tao Ke Fair which will highlight MSMEs’ local products. With its success last February during the Chinese New Year, the Modern Tao Ke Fair will continue its goal to help Tao Kes have a platform that will boost their promotions and sales this coming holiday season. In addition, in partnership with the Facebook community group, Fil Chi Ho Tsia/Ho Dim, MSMEs can sell their products during the Modern Tao Ke Fair. 

Modern Tao Ke Recognition

Last but not least is the Modern Tao Ke Recognition, in which CHiNOY TV and Globe Business will honor emerging and established Tao Kes who are making a difference in our society and ability to move forward with the changing times. This program will run until Chinese New Year 2022.

What program are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below! 

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