Hidden Chinese Restaurants in the Metro

For Chinoys, food quality is always a top priority. Taste, texture, and color all serve as indicators of whether the meal will be memorable: The lapu-lapu must be fresh and succulent, the sweet-and-sour pork must be crispy outside and tender inside, the birthday noodles must be plentiful, and the yang chow must be glorious.

Fortunately for many Filipinos, Manila is brimming with fantastic Chinese restaurants that tick all of these boxes. Some have withstood the test of time and have survived generation after generation of Chinese families; others are low-key establishments that serve world-class platters; and still others are reinventions of classic fare.


Kimpo Tea House


Located in Banawe, Quezon City is a hidden Chinese tea place called Kimpo Tea House that specializes in classic Chinese fare such as spareribs, noodles, and dimsum.  Kimpo Tea House is known for having several authentic Chinese restaurants. They serve family favorites, such as Congee, Dim Sum, and a variety of noodle dishes, all at an affordable price.

Chinoy Recommends:

  • Spareribs Rice – P154
  • Beef Wanton Noodle Soup –  P173


Wan Chai Tea House


Another Hidden Gem in Banawe known for serving affordable yet flavorful dimsum is Wan Chai. They also serve authentic comfort food like fried rice, stir-fried noodles, and more. 

Wan Chai Tea House also has several branches. They are located on Congressional Avenue in Project 6, Quezon City, 4/F in Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila City, G/F in Metropolitan Hospital on G. Masangkay Street in Tondo Manila, and Banawe Street in Sienna, Quezon City.

Chinoy Recommends:

  • Shrimp siomai (4pcs)- P75
  • Hakaw (4pcs)  – P95
  • Kuchay dumpling(4pcs) – P75


Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles



Shanghai Hand Pulled Noodles is a small Chinese restaurant in a commercial building in the Banawe neighborhood of Quezon City. You wouldn’t notice or think to dine in at first glance. People visit and dine at this restaurant because it is well-known for its hand-pulled noodles. Other than that, they also serve a variety of other dishes, including dumplings, soup, and Chow Fan.

Chinoy Recommends:

  • Braised Beef with Tendon Dry Noodles: P230
  • Steamed Lamb Dumplings (7pcs) – P140
  • Beef Rice Topping – P150


Golden Fortune

Here’s a restaurant that’s been around since Binondo’s founding. It has since expanded to a couple more locations in Manila, thanks to the support of its loyal customers. Golden Fortune is well-known for its late-night discounts on dimsum and shabu-shabu, but its seafood creations are equally delectable.

  • Chinoy Recommends:
  • Fried Radish Cake (4pcs) : P110
  • Beancurd Roll (4pcs): P110
  • Fried Ham Suy Kok (4pcs) : P110



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