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Hide Under Foundation No More!

Ask any makeup artist or expert, the secret to perfect makeup does not start with foundation, it’s with smooth and healthy skin. However, since not everybody has great skin, at least not all the time, we need to use foundation to even out the skin tone, minimize the pores and other imperfections.

But what if we can achieve that even skin tone and small pores with skin care? That’s what DR’s Secret, a skin care line founded in Singapore, set to achieve — to help us uncover our foundation-free glow, skin that doesn’t need all that foundation coverage.

Customizable skincare is the real deal

Everybody’s skin is unique so don’t beat yourself up for having a hard time finding the right skin care products just for you. Especially when you have acne. On top of finding the right products, how many time-consuming and even painful dermatological treatments did you have to go through to keep acne under control?

DR’s Secret could be the answer to our confusion over what skin care products we should be using to address our individual skin issues. It advocates glowing foundation-free skin through one range of products that can be customized to each one’s skin. 

DR’s Secret’s proposition is simple: by changing the products to use, the sequence to use them and the amount to apply, each skincare routine is unique and effective to help you achieve your skin goals.


Personal Guidance in Your Skin Journey

Skincare products don’t always come with consultation. At the most, some brands offer one-time consultations, but DR’s Secret offers personal product guidance by an experienced Skin Buddy. 

As your skin improves and progresses, your routine may have to change along with the improvements. The DR’s Secret Skin Buddy customizes your routine, answers your questions, and shows you how to use the products. Your Skin Buddy guides you in your skin journey all the way until you achieve your desired results. 

As for their products, they are formulated with well-researched active ingredients, using the best of nature and science to help skin heal and renew.

One of DR’s Secret’s popular products is the DR’s Secret Skinlight T3, a radiance essence that helps stimulate micro-exfoliation for skin renewal. This potent serum is formulated with botanical extracts and Kojic Acid to help inhibit melanin production, brighten the skin tone, and bring the glow back to dull skin. 

Be one of the many people who can attest that DR’s Secret has helped them solve their skin care woes. Drop by DR’s Secret Concept Store at The Mega Tower, EDSA cor. J. Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City and get a free skin assessment. You can also do the Skin Quiz on their website to get started on your journey to a glowing foundation-free skin today! 

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