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Home Essentials: Must-Have Furniture Pieces In A Chinoy Household

A home is your sanctuary–a place where you can relax, enjoy, and rejuvenate. Each and every one of us has a distinct taste in interior furnishings, some like to keep it minimalist and neutral while others prefer the more extravagant and colorful theme. But for Chinoys, they have their own set of essentials that are a must in their households. We had a chance to speak with Michelle Tiu of MET Interior Furnishing and she shared what furniture pieces are most popular among their Chinoy clients.

Photo from MET Interior Furnishing

With Filipino-Chinese families being big in number, Michelle says that most of their Chinoy clients opt for furniture that can accommodate a lot of people, such as L-shaped sofas, beds with pullouts, and big dining tables. Apart from that, the importance of family is also embedded in their culture and having a space where they can converge is vital in their household. “Since spending time with our family, both extended and immediate, is such an important part of our culture, we start to build our home around the idea of comfortably accommodating all of our family members and being able to spend time with them in a relaxed environment,” she adds.

Photo from MET Interior Furnishing

While these pieces of furniture prove to be essentials in a Chinoy household, its design and quality is also something that needs to be carefully considered. Since Michelle’s business also specializes in custom-made pieces, she shares how her Chinoy clients enjoy and appreciate the fact that they have control over the pieces they want in their homes. “Most of our clients enjoy the fact that they have more control of the outcome of their pieces as opposed to ordering something from a store. Whatever they can imagine, within reason of course, we can make for them,” she continues.

Photo from MET Interior Furnishing

With the new normal leaving us in our homes for most of the time, Michelle’s clients are also starting to look into more ergonomic and functional furniture pieces to aid them in their work-from-home setups, online classes, and other specific needs. “Clients are now more aware of how they move within their homes. Because of this, the pieces we’ve made are now equipped with certain details that were added to address specific needs that the clients have,” she reiterates. Having said this, aesthetics have currently taken a backseat to prioritize the functionality of every piece that is brought into a home. Now that there is a need for spaces to be conducive for work and productivity, it’s also essential that the furnishings supplement that and perform well.

More than just its design and functionality, home furnishings can actually prove to be substantial pieces that can reflect culture and aid us in our everyday lives. Check out more of MET’s pieces here to start making your house into a home:

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