How Ben Ching’s Legacy Transcends Life And Generations

“One thing that I learned from my father is to be kind to others and if you can extend your effort to help other people. If you do good things to others. In return, that will also help you as it would life.”

Ben Ching, the founder of Shell Canvas, the Association of Volunteer Fire Chiefs & Fire Fighters of the Philippines, Inc., and the Filipino Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation (FCAAF) has a remarkable life journey that has inspired multiple generations and the lives of other people. 

With these remarkable life achievements, you can acknowledge Ben Ching’s beginnings on how he was shaped as a person. He was born in China in 1931, third out of 11 siblings. His rough childhood made him a more resilient person, becoming a working student during his college years and developing more compassion towards others.

For sure, his life achievements have uplifted the closest people around him and stayed permanently in their hearts. Here’s how Ben Ching’s family members reminisce about his time with them. 

Ben Ching’s Impact On His Family 

Memoirs Of His Siblings 

Ben Ching had made a significant impact not only on the Filipino-Chinese community but also left memories to his siblings. 

Jimmy Ching, 6th brother of Ben Ching shares, “When my father was the President of Pasay Chamber, my father would always let him solve the trouble on his behalf. I still remember when I was in elementary school and when I was trying to get my scholarship from the Ching Family Association, [Ben] would always accompany me. We just commuted and walked to the association in order to save money,  but he was very generous in charitable and educational works.”

 “Ben was very kind and good to us. I always worked together with him and he’s very close to me. He can work efficiently and he was a good brother.” said George Ching, 7th brother of Ben Ching.

His brothers shared some of their fondest memories that will always stay in their hearts. Their memories might sound like simple day-to-day life, but the impact is enormous on their lives. 

“Every time we went to Xiamen, he always welcomed me at the airport and provided good accommodation. Every time I told him I was going to stay at a hotel, he always said no. He’d told me ‘You cannot, you must stay at our house, ‘cause we have a house here,” shared Freddie Ching, youngest brother of Ben Ching.

“He was very kind and loved his children. In my impression, my brother is actively involved in education for the poor, his mission was to let the poor have the chance to study. He became quite successful in the Philippines, went back to China, actually built the ancestral home and got married there with around four children. Then he went back to the Philippines. Then he started his own business and became quite successful in his life.” shared Ang Tuan Go, youngest Sister of Ben.

It clearly shows how Ben Ching values selflessness and how he inspired his siblings to do the same. Ben Ching also donated to charitable schools in his hometown and built a canteen that can accommodate 15,000 students. 

(Ben Ching’s Family Picture)

Sweet Memories From His Wife And Children 

Ben Ching met his wife Kui Siok Chu or Dolly Ching back in 1972 in Taiwan. It was love at first sight and eventually, they got married. They settled in the Philippines and promised to work hard for their family. 

“Time flew by so fast, we married for 49 years already and just one year before our golden anniversary. After all, we have 10 children and they are all grown up. Ben is very simple in his lifestyle, but he contributed significantly to society. He is a model of a good father, good husband, good grandfather. His life is so colorful. He liked swimming, skating and dancing.” shared Dolly Ching. 

His youngest son, Ben Ching Junior is currently working in the family business and is the president of the Pasay Volunteer Fire Brigades and was the past president of the Pasay Mabuhay Lions Club. 

“Actually, even when my dad was already in his, I think, eighties and even nineties, daily he would walk, walk around the village and then he would, when we were together, he would tell me to walk with him. And that’s when we really have deep conversations and, really spend time one on one with him,” shared  Ben Ching Junior. 

Barton Chua, the 4th son of Ben Ching also shared how his father wanted them to be hard working. Ben Ching showed the importance of diligence. 

“When we were kids, he did not spoil us. He showed us how hard life is, to work hard while we were young. I remember he would always say to us, ‘Don’t think of ourselves, we should always think about other people.” said Barton Chua, 4th son of Ben Ching.

Ben Ching is also a hands-on father to his eldest daughter by teaching her how to skate. This will leave a lasting impact on Vicky Tan.

“He paid particular attention to his appearance and always wanted to be in a smart suit with color matching and a complimentary fedora. This love for keeping the body and my mind healthy extended to supporting his numerous schools and institutions in Xiamen. But he never neglects the Philippines. He always held [roles in] many charitable institutions here like a fire volunteer brigade, Chinese Federation of Sports, and many others,” shared Vicky Tan Eldest Daughter of Ben Ching’

Bobby Chua Ching, his eldest son, also remembered his father’s hardships and how he feels thankful for what they have right now. 

 “My grandfather has a lot to do with my dad’s attitude in his life. My grandfather is an orphan from China. He has three siblings and eldest brother and then followed by him and then a younger sister. He’s actually brought up by his aunt. So my grandfather went to the Philippines through his cousins who actually helped him to attain what he wanted,” said Bobby Chua Ching, the eldest son, past district governor of 30182 Lions Club International, a past president of Quezon City Association of Filipino Chinese Businessmen, Inc. and incumbent vice president of the fire volunteer.

(Ben Ching with his wife, Dolly Ching) 

Love From His Grandchildren

Grandparents indeed love their grandchildren best. Ben Ching’s grandchildren shared how their grandfather’s actions and words motivated them to be better people and leave a positive impact on the community. 

Ben Chua is the grandson of Ben Ching. He was influenced a lot by his grandfather’s charitable organizations and smart financial management. His grandfather’s generosity, empathy, and compassion encouraged him to become more understanding. He also remembered how his grandfather loved them by giving them gifts.

“Aside from the trips in China, when we typically stay in the Philippines,  he would typically bring us grandkids, toys. So it’s those wooden toys you get to find in the streets of China. And he’ll always be happily giving us those as gifts. So when he gives it to us, it’s like he plays it in front of us.” Brywne Chua, Grandson of Ben Ching.

Tricia Tan is the granddaughter of Ben Ching. His grandfather left an impression that you can be successful in all aspects of your life. Ben Ching is truly a humble person by sticking true to his purpose despite achieving greater success. As a grandfather, Tricia remembered how he always told her to be grateful for the things they have. 

“Grandfather was a very grateful man, and it’s something that my family and my entire family see. So he’d always tell us that even with little things. My grandfather grew up as someone who didn’t have much. He grew up poor, so he’d always tell us, you know, be thankful, be grateful for what you have. Don’t take it for granted,” said Trisha Tan, Granddaughter of Ben Ching

Everyone should follow Ben Ching’s life values and how everyone should at least help other people in their lives. With his positive contribution, he truly deserves to be remembered by his family members and the people he has helped. 

“What I wish and I hope my children will follow my step, be kind to others and try to do your best to help others. If you can help, it’s better than asking others to help you. Willing to sacrifice yourself to help others,” is his advice to other people. 

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