How to Do a Social Media Detox: 5 Easy Tips

Social media plays a big role in our lives. Some depend on social media platforms to promote their businesses or share news with the community. Others may use it for entertainment or to stay in touch with loved ones during the lockdown.

However, these platforms can affect our well-being. They can sometimes cause us to feel stressed or anxious, instead of feeling relaxed. They may also lead some of us to feel bad about our lives when we scroll through others’ social media feeds, not fully realizing that they are mostly filtered and edited. So, it might be time for a social media detox.

What is a social media detox?

Social media detox is simply taking a break from social media for a while. It can be for a week, a month, or even a year, depending on the person. 

You can reap many benefits from this, like being more productive and more mindful with time. 

Here is how you can do a social media detox:

1) Slowly move away from your phone.

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It might be hard to let go of social media, especially if you use it on a regular basis. Just take your time. Slowly stop using the apps you typically frequent. Try trimming down your normal usage to a shorter amount of time. You’ll eventually get the hang of it.

2) Inform other people about your detox.

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Before you leave social media, it would be best to tell your usual “chatmates” that you will be taking some time off so  you don’t catch them off-guard or leave them hanging. In case they really need to contact you, offer another avenue where they can reach you.

3) Learn how to discipline yourself.

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The first few days may be the hardest since most of us are so used to being on social media. To keep yourself on track for the detox, put a limit to the apps you  use or deactivate your accounts. If you feel tempted to use the apps again, consider deleting them and keeping your phone out of sight. 

4) Divert your energy somewhere else.

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Use this time to relax another way or be more productive. Instead of grabbing your phone, try to learn a new skill or catch up on some readings. For self-care, why not indulge in a face mask or a nice bath instead? Just do your best not to focus on social media; it’s not your whole life.

5) Focus on the things that matter.

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We spend so much time on social media platforms that sometimes we forget to be in the moment and prioritize what’s truly important in our lives. Maximize this time to be with your family and to accomplish your goals in life.

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