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How to dress like a C-drama female lead

As known to many, the female leads of C-dramas have a common look or style all throughout the show. They have this charming and cute style that captures the heart of the male lead and the audiences. With this, here are some tips on how to dress like the female leads in C-dramas. 


Light makeup

Unlike the female leads in western dramas, the female leads in C-dramas often wear light makeup which almost looks like they’re not wearing any makeup at all. This type of makeup look gives them a more youthful touch to their faces. They often use eyeshadow colors that are neutral to their skin tone to make it look like they are wearing no makeup at all. They also add some mascara to emphasize their eyes and make them look more ‘awake.’


Light-colored clothes 

Just like in K-dramas, the female leads in C-dramas often wear light-colored clothes. This gives them a more subtle and innocent look. Moreover, light-colored clothing also makes them look fresh and more ‘feminine’ in the drama. Also, wearing lighter colored clothing prevents people from noticing you too much and attracting unwanted attention in public. 


Simple hairstyle

Oftentimes, female leads in c-dramas have this similar ‘no effort’ hairstyle. Simple hairstyles make the female lead look more put-together. At the same time, it does not attract too much attention in public places. Having a lavish hairstyle might attract unwanted attention which contrasts the purpose of the subtle colors that she is wearing. 


Minimal accessories 

Female leads also try to minimize wearing accessories throughout the entire show. They often only wear a simple bracelet or necklace with matching small earrings. They try to avoid wearing too many accessories to maintain their ‘natural’ look. 


Sling bag / small bag 

Lastly, female leads often use small sling bags or small bags to carry their essentials whenever they need to. They rarely use large bright colored bags and only use bags with neutral or light colors to maintain their aesthetic. 

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