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Huawei Seeks to Help with Better Internet Connection in the PH

Huawei. Courtesy of Pixabay.

Huawei seeks to make 5G technology more accessible to the Philippine public in the hopes that users receive better internet connection. This was revealed in a virtual event organized by the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc. with Huawei Philippines Vice President Daniel Guo Zhi and Marketing Director Scarlett Yi.  

Yi said that if you are in the NCR area and you have a 5G smartphone, you can search for the 5G signal.

“Sometimes, with the unlimited data package, you can still have the 5G experience, so no matter which operator, they all have 5G coverage, especially next year,” Yi said.

She went on to say, “With your smartphone, you can have the 5G speed, or you can transfer the 5G network to the WiFi and then your laptop can also have the 5G experience through your smartphone.”

“With 5G, we can have more bandwidth and better experience for the consumers,” she added.

According to Zhi, Huawei is also set to expand its operations in the Philippines. In addition, Yi highlighted Huawei’s social legacies in the country through its “Tech4All” initiative, which seeks to empower areas that have been affected by typhoons and other natural disasters.

According to Yi, Huawei has also sought to empower local schools by partnering with them, especially during the pandemic when students are forced to attend classes from home. 

When asked whether Huawei can be of help to children in need by providing them with tablets and gadgets, network, SIM card, and data package, Guo said that they have continually received many requests from cities and provinces, and the President’s Office, and they work with operators like Smart and Globe, as well as BDO and Unionbank, on this.

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