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Indulge in Fine Cognac this Chinese New Year

Rémy Martin XO in a special Chinese New Year packaging

There is nothing quite like savoring your best bottle of liquor for a special occasion. And with the Lunar New Year approaching, what better time is there to indulge?

For your Chinese New Year celebrations, consider a distinguished glass of cognac, a type of brandy made exclusively with grapes grown in the Cognac region in France. In this modern society, where both older and younger generations have begun to immerse themselves in luxuries, such a fine liquor is definitely a must-have for any lauriat for the pinnacle of fulfillment.

For those seeking to welcome the Year of the Metal Ox with substance and class, there really is nothing more fitting than a glass of Rémy Martin XO.

Although the Rémy Martin XO was specifically created in 1981, this signature line of liquor is a product of more than three hundred years of history. Rémy Martin features the masterful craft of the Cellar Master, who expertly blends more than 400 different eaux-de-vie into an aromatically complex perfection.



Revel in good fortune and the opulence of a fine champagne cognac. Aged with unparalleled expertise, the Rémy Martin XO is a rich experience with lingering floral notes, flavors of juicy plums and candied oranges, hints of cinnamon and hazelnut, and a velvety feel found only in the most excellent of spirits.

One cannot expect anything but the very best from a premier cognac house whose roots are anchored in centuries of history, tradition, and boldness. With Rémy Martin XO, now is the time to raise your glasses and cheers to new experiences, new stories, and new indulgences in the Year of the Metal Ox.

Rémy Martin is now available at your favorite liquor shops and supermarkets nationwide.


Founded in France in 1724, Rémy Martin is one of the world’s biggest producers of fine champagne cognac. The esteemed cognac house distills three centuries of expertise in every bottle, producing a wide array of cognacs that are enjoyed by the world’s most discerning palates. 

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