Introducing James Licauco: The Captivating and Talented Brother of David Licauco

After the back-to-back success of David Licauco, the newest Chinoy heartthrob, more netizens are paying attention to another Licauco whose talent is in volleyball!

The UAAP Volleyball season kicked off last February and both women’s and men’s teams from different universities are unleashing their skills to the national audience. One of the eye-catching and promising players on the court right now is James Licauco, the setter of the Ateneo Men’s Volleyball Team (AMVT). Not only is he getting recognized for being the ‘carbon copy’ of the Chinoy “Maria Clara at Ibarra” star, but also due to his amazing volleyball techniques! Even David himself was also present and cheering for his sibling during the opening game!

In photo: David Licauco supports his siblings during the UAAP Volleyball opening games / Photo by GMA News Online

Before James’ UAAP debut, David once tweeted (or manifested rather) that his younger brother would soon be playing for the collegiate association, and a few years later, his shoti is now wearing his very own number 7 blue and white jersey!

In photo: David Licauco reposting his old tweet about his brother, James Licauco, will soon be playing for UAAP, and a photo of him during his first match during UAAP Volleyball Tournament 2023

Get to know more about James here!:

  1. He’s a Legal Management student at the Ateneo de Manila University
    As a student-athlete, James is also doing well in his academics! Of course, balancing that and his training is no easy feat, but as always (with Chinoys), priorities always come first.

    Credits to @jamesdlicauco on Instagram

  2. His love for volleyball started at a very young age
    – In an interview with a media outlet, James mentioned that his siblings inspired him to play volleyball. Not to mention that his sister, Jean Licauco, also plays the sport and is the libero of the Ateneo Lady Blue Eagles Volleyball for UAAP! His love for volleyball grew until he decided to join his high school volleyball team in 2018.

    In photo: James Licauco with his siblings / Credits to @jamesdlicauco on Instagram

  3. He used to study at Pace Academy
    – In an Instagram post, James revealed that before volleyball entered the roster of sports at Pace Academy, he used to be a part of the basketball team! However, three years later when the school finally announced its new volleyball team, he had to choose one. In the end, his love and passion for volleyball won.

    Credits to @jamesdlicauco on Instagram

  4. He’s a rising TikTok star
    – With over 500,000 followers and over 1 million likes on TikTok, the athlete surely knows how to create content, too! Most of his videos are covering trending dances and challenges by himself or with his teammates.


On the topic of showbiz, as of now James has no plans of following in the footsteps of his ahiya David, “But then, we never know what the future holds.”

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