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Through Jan Sy’s Lens: 5 Photography Tips for Aspiring Photographers

Jan Sy’s Expert Photography Tips

Many people dream of becoming skilled photographers, but it can be challenging to learn all the techniques and styles on your own. Aspiring photographers benefit greatly from photography tips offered by experienced professionals. Jan Sy, a talented freelance photographer known for his captivating work, generously shares his insights for aspiring photographers to hone their craft.

5  Photography Tips for Aspiring Photographers

Photography, an art form that captures moments, emotions, and stories through the lens of a camera, is a passion that many aspire to master. 

For new photographers, guidance from pros like Jan, a talented freelancer known for captivating work, is invaluable.

Below are some photography tips he shares to help aspiring photographics hone their craft.

Start with What You Have

“The best camera is the one that you have,” says Jan, highlighting that you don’t need expensive gear to take great photos. Jan started his photography journey with just a camera phone, and despite its limitations, he managed to capture amazing images that eventually gained international attention.

Jan’s story shows that skill and creativity are more important than fancy equipment. By learning to make the most out of his simple camera phone, he developed his own unique style and improved his technical skill. 

For beginners, this means focusing on honing your craft and being creative with what you have, rather than worrying about getting the latest and greatest camera.

Practice Your Eyes

He suggests looking at lots of different photos to understand various styles and techniques. By doing so, you can gradually incorporate the desired style into your own work. “Doon mo makukuha yung gusto mong style, yung gusto mong maachieve,” he emphasizes, “and eventually ita-try mong gawin.”  

This process not only broadens your visual vocabulary but also cultivates a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate through photography, making your work more compelling and distinctive.

Know the Basics

To become really good at photography, you need to get the hang of its core parts. Jan talks about three main things: aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. These are like the secret ingredients that help photographers handle light and make their pictures stand out.

Jan explains, “Yung tatlong aspect: aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, [yan] yung control mo para ma alam mo kung paano laruin yung images “ So, it’s about learning how to use these to improve your photography skills and take pictures that really pop.

Don’t Neglect Framing

Remember the importance of framing in photography. It’s a big deal! Jan says, “Framing a subject is very crucial to your photo.” This means making sure your subject looks just right in the picture.

Jan Sy Framing The Subject

Photo Courtesy Of Jan Sy

According to Jan, you might envision a shot, but parts get cut off. Sometimes, elements are excessive. For tight shots, they become too wide, or vice versa. Jan advises framing to remove distractions, adjust the view, and clarify your message.

So, when you’re taking photos, think about how you frame your subject. It’s not just about snapping a shot—it’s about setting up the scene to tell your story in the best way possible.

Share Your Work

Sharing your photography journey with others not only fosters community but also provides opportunities for growth and feedback. It’s important to share your work with others when you shoot photos, says Jan, “encouraging aspiring photographers to showcase their work and engage with fellow enthusiasts.

 Jan Sy Sharing His Work

By sharing your images, you invite constructive criticism and open doors to mentorship and inspiration, as Jan points out, “Maka-inspire ka ng ibang tao na wow, ang ganda, gusto ko rin maging photographer, eventually pwedeng magtanong sa’yo.”

Embracing the Lens

Jan Sy’s invaluable photography tips serve as a guiding light for aspiring photographers embarking on their creative journey. Budding photographers can explore basics, framing, sharing, and continuous improvement to unlock their artistic potential.

Catch Jan Sy’s story as an experienced photographer and Binondo heritage advocate at CHiNOY TV’s YouTube Channel here!

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